5th Grade

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Meet the 5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Logan O'Neal

Mrs. Shara Thomas

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Email Addresses

Mrs. O'Neal - leoneal@dcsdk12.org

Mrs. Thomas - sthomas1@dcsdk12.org

Daily Schedule

5th Grade Daily Schedule

8:40 Block One

9:40 Specials (55 mins)

10:35 Snack

10:45 Block Two

11:45 Block Three

12:45 Lunch

1:30 Sci/S.S.

2:30 Homeroom/Study Hall/Team Building/etc.

Grading Policy

DNM= "Does Not Meet 5th Grade Expectations"

A= "Approaching 5th Grade Expectations"

M= "Meets 5th Grade Expectations"

E= "Exceeds 5th Grade Expectations"

**Please see the link at the bottom of this page for links to the Colorado Academic Standards**

Curriculum: Please refer to newsletters sent via email for updates.

Specials Schedules

O’Neal’s Homeroom:

M- Art


W- Library

Th- Tech

F- Music

Thomas’ Homeroom:


T- Library

W- Tech

Th- Music

F- Art

Curriculum Links to 2020 Colorado Standards

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