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Grandparent Brunches
Mrs. O'Neal
Thursday, May 14, 2020
Mrs. Humphreys
Friday, May 15, 2020
Mrs. Thomas
Friday, May 15, 2020

Daily Schedule

2019 - 2020

8:35-8:45 Attendance

8:45-9:45 Block 1

9:45-10:25 M (Homeroom)

   T,W,Th (2nd Specials)

          F (Buddies)

10:30-10:40 Snacks

10:45-11:45      Block 2

11:45-12:45      Block 3

12:45-1:25 Lunch & Recess

1:30-2:15 M,T,W,Th (Sci., SS)

        F (FAC Reward)

2:15-2:20   Planners

2:20-2:45 Work Time & Clean Up

2:45 - 3:30 Specials

3:30 Dismissed from Specials

From Mrs. O'Neal...

  • January- March Update 2020
    Nonfiction Focus

    This semester we are focusing in on nonfiction text.  We will explore different features used in this type of writing, practice annotating articles, pull text evidence to support thinking in reading responses and continue our work with the R.A.C.E. strategy.  As students practice these skills, we will look at a variety of topics to build their exposure to different text structures.  

    Body Systems Unit- Middle of February

    • Parts impact the whole (How does each system function? What happens if something fails?)

    • If something goes wrong with a body system, how does your body compensate and what steps are needed to help fix the problem?  

    Skills of Focus: Nonfiction & Physical Science Integrated Unit, Note-Taking, Vocabulary, etc. 

    We are so excited to begin our Body Systems Unit!  This has proven to be a memorable experience for all students as they explore different systems within the human body.  We will begin by learning about the Digestive System, followed by the Circulatory System and Respiratory System.  Students will a personalized experience through this unit to demonstrate their learning in  a way that fits their specific preferences and learning styles.  As a group we will practice how to interpret nonfiction texts, take effective and purposeful notes, and use the advanced vocabulary to deepen understanding.  
    Posted Jan 17, 2020, 2:01 PM by Logan O'Neal
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  • January- March Update 19/20
    Road To Revolution!

    How does point of view/perspective, influence purpose?
    How did the Revolutionary War impact the development of the United States of America? 

    4C/21st Century Skill: Collaboration, Resiliency, Global Awareness, Inquiry Analysis

    Mrs. O'Neal's class will begin this semester in History.  We will dive right into one of the most influential wars in our nation
    s history... The American Revolution!  This unit is filled with rich events, a urning for freedom, and a resilience that helped us to get where we are today.  Students will be asked to look at different view points or perspectives within this time period.  

    Instead of a formal presentation, we will be hosting a Socratic Seminar where students get the opportunity to debate/discuss a perspective and defend the actions of a particular group (i.e. Loyalists vs. Patriots).  Students will be assessed on their note-taking skills, research questions to drive exploration, development of a particular perspective, and participation in the Socratic Seminar.  I cannot wait for this semester! 

    Posted Jan 17, 2020, 1:40 PM by Logan O'Neal
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News & Info
  • Wish Week
    BCE will be participating in Make-A-Wish week February 3-7!!  We've had great success with this the last few years.  
    Posted Jan 17, 2020, 1:34 PM by Alisa Humphreys
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  • Grandparent Biography Timeline
    We will begin our Grandparent Biography Project on March 2.  Below is the timeline for this.
    Posted Jan 17, 2020, 1:40 PM by Alisa Humphreys
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  • CMAS Testing Dates

    *Monday, April 6

    *Tuesday, April 7

    *Wednesday, April 8

    *Thursday, April 9

    *Monday, April 13

    *Tuesday, April 14

    NOTE: It’s really important that your child is in attendance on the five days of testing.  Students do take multiple tests on those days, so if you can avoid appointments, that would be fantastic!  Make-up tests are challenging for students due to the class time missed.

    Posted Jan 17, 2020, 1:37 PM by Alisa Humphreys
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From Mrs. Thomas...
  • 3rd Quarter - Math Update
    Here is what we have coming up...

    Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers
    Multiplying and dividing whole numbers, proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers in any combination is the main focus of this chapter. • Students multiply proper fractions using models and then apply what they have learned to solve real-world problems. • Students multiply an improper fraction by an improper or proper fraction, a mixed number by a whole number, and apply what they have learned to solve real-world problems. • Students divide a fraction by a whole number, divide a whole number by a unit fraction, and apply what they have learned to solve real-world problems.

    Representing thousandths as three-place decimals or as fractions is the main focus of this chapter. • Students recognize the relationship between ones, tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. These relationships are reinforced by using models such as number lines, base-ten blocks, and place-value charts. • Students express fractions or mixed numbers with denominators of 1,000 as decimals. They also express decimals as fractions and mixed numbers in simplest form

    Multiplying and Dividing Decimals
    Multiplying and dividing decimals is the main focus of this chapter. • Students multiply and divide decimals by 1-digit whole numbers and by tens, hundreds, or thousands. This is similar to the multiplication of whole numbers. • Students estimate sums, differences, products, and quotients for calculations involving decimals and use these estimates to check the reasonableness of answers. • Students solve one- and two-step real-world problems involving multiplication and division of decimals.
    Posted Jan 19, 2020, 4:20 PM by Shara Thomas
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  • 2nd Semester Science Update
    Students will use a varieties of inquiry methods to explore the following topics:
    • Matter and Energy Flow in an Ecosystem 
      • Energy Transfer 
      • Matter and Energy in Plants 
      • Food Webs 
      • Matter Cycles Ecosystems
    • Observing Our Sky
      • Earth’s Rotation 
      • Observing the Stars 
      • Objects in the Sky 
      • Gravity
    Posted Jan 19, 2020, 4:34 PM by Shara Thomas
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Upcoming Dates

January 28: Parry's Pizza Dine-Out

January 31: Super Bowl Party 1:30-2:30

February 3-7:  Wish Week

February 8:  Father/Daughter Dance

February 12:  PTA Meeting

February 13:  Skate City 6:00-8:00

February 13: Valentine Celebration 9:45-10:15

February 14:  No School- Professional Development Day

February 17:  No School- President's Day

March 1: Grandparent Letter #2 Due 

March 2: Begin Grandparent Biography Project

April 4: Parent Silent Auction

Grading Policy
Our Grading System is as follows ...
DNM= "Does Not Meet 5th Grade Expectations"
A= "Approaching 5th Grade Expectations"
M= "Meets 5th Grade Expectations"
E= "Exceeds 5th Grade Expectations"

From Mrs. Humphreys ...
  • January-March Update
    We are finalizing our persuasive essays and will be sending those along with cover letters to real, authentic audiences in the next two weeks.  

    Body Systems Unit will begin at the end of January!!

    *Details are shared in the "Reading" section.
    Posted Jan 17, 2020, 1:59 PM by Alisa Humphreys
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  • January-March Update
    Demonstrate the process of inquiry.

    What makes a region unique? (Evaluate the similarities and differences between the regions).
    What impact do the regions have on our country?  

    4C:  Communication

    21st Century Skill: Resiliency

    Mrs. Humphreys' homeroom class will be in geography for the next five weeks followed by Mrs. Thomas' class and will be studying the Midwest Region of the United States.  Students will be collaborating with group members and researching topics of their choice such as economy, tourist attractions, climate, landforms, natural resources, historical events, etc. that make regions unique.  They are also focusing on the impact the regions have on our country and possibly the world.  They will be incorporating persuasive strategies to go along with what we are learning in writing.  5th graders will be creating presentations to show their learning of their state/region and gear it toward a unique audience.  Communication is the "4 C" being focused on during this unit, so we will work on those skills.  Geography has a huge inquiry focus, therefore we will review note-taking strategies, how to use appropriate sources and site them, and how to organize their learning into a creative and meaningful presentation with a specific purpose.  Communicating appropriately with group members throughout this process and effectively communicating with their peers during presentations will be expected.  
    Posted Jan 17, 2020, 1:56 PM by Alisa Humphreys
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