Casey Anne Schulman

Casey was an indomitable spirit, full of sweetness, wit, intelligence and beauty.

In a life too short, Casey Schulman left a remarkable imprint. At the age of 22, on her last day of a study abroad program, Casey was killed while on a snorkeling trip.

Ever since she was a young girl growing up in Falls Church, VA, Casey had a curiosity about the world and reached out to others in a caring manner. Throughout her life, she listened to others with genuine interest. At all stages, Casey had a smile and a happiness that touched us all very deeply and made us all smile!

Casey is remembered by many of her teachers at JEB Stuart and UVA as “the student whom you dream of” –filled with a curiosity and a determination to do well and to help others with the gifts that she was given. She was a dedicated Foreign Affairs major at UVA, taking a particular interest in the broader world around her.

It didn't matter if someone spoke the same language; there wasn't a person who met Casey, who didn't become her friend.

As her sister, Alli commented, “How does someone have so much fun, work so hard, find so much success and remain so happy all at the same time? I know that Casey would be thrilled to see the impact that she has made on all of us. She never wanted anything more than she wanted everyone to live and enjoy the moment, like she did.”


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