Important School Procedures 2017-2018

Park Avenue School


School Address and Phone Numbers

•The school address is 82 Park Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810

•The school phone number is 203-797-4764  


School Hours

•School hours are 8:55 to 3:25 PM


Scheduled Early Dismissal


·      Early Dismissal Days: 8:55 to 1:25 PM on May 11; Tentative last day June 22

·      1 hour early release days: 8:55-2:25 PM on Feb. 27; Mar. 20 & 27; Apr. 10 & 24; May 15 & 22                                                  


Weather/Emergency Early Dismissal


·      School hours are 8:55 to 12:20 PM on weather-related/emergency dismissal days. 

·      There is no ELP Program on these days.

·      Parents will receive phone notification of these dismissals through our School Messenger system.  Please make sure your phone       numbers are up-to-date with the office.


Delayed Opening (Two-Hours)


·      School hours are 10:55 to 3:25 pm on delayed openings.

·      Parents will receive phone notification of these delays through our School Messenger system.  Please make sure your phone              numbers are up-to-date with the office.


School Year


The school year is 180 days.  School Attendance is important for school success.  Children must be in school on time and must remain for the entire day for maximum student success.  


School Absences 


If your child is sick or needs to be out of school, you MUST call the school attendance line – 203-797-4834 by 9:30 am.  You MUST call every day that your child is out and leave a message stating your child’s name, grade and reason for his/her absence.  If your child is sick, please be specific regarding your child’s illness.  Upon your child's return to school please be sure to supply a written note explaining your child's reason for absence.


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Students who are being dropped off to school in the mornings should NOT be dropped off prior to 8:30 AM.  There is no adult supervision prior to that time.  All students must wait at the front door of the school, and will be permitted to walk to their classrooms at 8:30 AM.  Parents are NOT permitted to walk with students to their classrooms in the morning.  Parents who need to conduct any school business in the morning must report to the Main Office and speak with the office staff.  


Parents who are picking up their children in the afternoon should line up outside the main door of the building or at the Kindergarten door.  Students will gather in the vestibule of the school.  At 3:25 PM, teachers who are supervising parent pickup will dismiss children to their parents from the vestibule of the school.  Parents will not be permitted to walk through the building or visit classrooms after dismissal.


Tardies/Early Pick-ups/Transportation Changes

It is IMPORTANT that children are in school every day – all day.  It is important that children are on time and remain in school for the full day.


If a child must be LATE, the child must report to the office to sign in.  Children should NOT go straight to their classroom if they are late.  If you absolutely must pick up your child EARLY, you MUST send in a note with your child that morning.  Parents MUST report to the office to meet their child for pick-up.  If your child is doing something other than their normal after-school dismissal procedure, parents MUST send a written note with that change to the classroom teacher.  Notes can be written in English/Spanish/Portuguese.  




Questions regarding transportation (routes, stops, late buses, etc) should be directed to the bus company – 203-797-4728. 


Student and Adult Behavior


Park Avenue School is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that fosters safety, respect, and responsibility of all members of the school community.  It is important that ALL adults model appropriate behavior at school, school activities and PTO activities.  Our children learn so much from how we as adults treat one another. 


Birthday Celebrations/Parties


In accordance with the district’s policy, NO FOOD may be brought in to share with other students. Contact your child's teacher for alternative ways to celebrate.


Lunch and Breakfast


Children can purchase breakfast and lunch each regular school day.   Breakfast costs $1.00/$.30 reduced and lunch costs $2.55/$.40 reduced.  

Danbury Public Schools has adopted a computerized Point of Sale payment system (Nutrikids) for all meals purchased in the district’s cafeterias.  Each student will have his/her own personal identification number (PIN).  Students will use the same PIN throughout their enrollment in the Danbury Public Schools.  New students to the district will receive information in September.  Parents can deposit money via the web by visiting  www.mynutrikids.com.  You will need your child’s ID number.

Families qualifying for FREE or REDUCED breakfast/lunch MUST fill out NEW FORMS EVERY YEAR.  These forms should be filled out ASAP at the beginning of the school year.



PTO Activities 


The PTO meets once a month, usually on a Tuesday at 6:30 PM.  All families are members of the PTO by virtue of having a student enrolled at Park Avenue.  All parents are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and the various PTO activities throughout the year. Check the PTO page for more information. 


Dress and Personal Items


Function as well as appearance should be considered in choosing proper clothing for school.  Children go out to recess as often as weather permits.  Therefore, sneakers for PE and recess should be worn.  Flip-flops, sandals, clogs are not appropriate for school.  Hats are NOT to be worn in the building.  Clothing should be appropriate for school. 


Children should be discouraged from bringing valuable items to school.  Many times these items end up broken or misplaced.  Cell phones, PSPs, DS2 should NOT be brought to school.  The school does not accept responsibility for personal items lost, stolen, or damaged at school.  




Please participate in whatever way you can!  Parents play a crucial role in the success of our school! Your child’s teacher will explain ways to help at Open House. 




Each child will have a Homework Folder that goes home nightly with all homework assignments.  Please review your child’s Homework Folder each night to be sure that all homework assignments are completed and brought back to school the next day.



School Safety Procedures


The following safety and security measures are in place at Park Avenue School to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff.


·      The only door through which students and visitors will be allowed to enter the building will be the main door.  All other doors, including the door near the Kindergarten wing, will remain locked.  When students are dropped off in the morning, they will have to enter through the main door of the building. Parents CAN NOT be walking down to classrooms with students during morning arrival.  


·      The main door of the school will remain locked after school hours.  Parents picking up students from the ELP program or participating in any activities after school hours will need to be admitted into the building by a staff member.


·      All visitors must continue to buzz in before being admitted to enter the building.  Upon entering, all visitors must proceed directly to the main office to sign in and receive a VISITOR badge, which must be worn at all times while in the building.  Visitors may be asked to show ID upon entering the building and main office.


·      Fire drills and lockdown drills are practiced on a regular basis to ensure that all students and staff are familiar with important safety measures and practices.