- A thinking framework
- A way to nurture development of skills
- Supportive in nature
- Helps foster a supportive environment with common language
- Not a stand alone concept
- Best when used with the students already know and can build from 
- Integrates with Soaring Eagle Behavior

 Notes for Parents
  • The school building opens at 8:30. Children are expected to be in their classrooms by 8:45 in order to be ready to start the day on time.

  • Children should be walking themselves to the classroom each morning. This is for the safety of all students and helps to ensure an uninterrupted morning routine for the classroom.

  •  Our visitor policy required everyone, parents included, to sign in at the main office.

  •  Please make every effort to schedule appointments before or after school.

  • Picture ID is required to pick up a student

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Unless otherwise notified by parent/guardian, the Danbury Board of Education will allow students to have photographs taken and used in the newspaper, videotapes, electronically including our website, and other publications. A form for such objection is below. Such written objection shall be valid for only one school year.

 Links for Parents

Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet

Extended Learning Programs


Sick Day Guideline - English

Sick Day Guideline - Spanish

 Parent's Right to Know

Parents may request information about the professional qualifications of the teacher's and paraprofessional's who work with their children.  This includes their certification and/or college degrees.  

To request this information, click here.

Parent's Right to Know