Image Resources

These sites have images, music, and other files that are free to use for educational purposes. Make sure to cite your sources for all images, music, and information!

Search for images on these Public Domain Sites

Photos For Class  photos of most everything that are in creative commons and properly attributed.
ImageBase-free, public domain photos
MorgueFile - Public Image Archive for Creatives, by Creatives
Open Photo - search for photos
Behold and Compfight -both search engines that search flicker

By Subject:


ARKive Animal photos

Animal Photos: Free and easy to use


American Memories Collection historical photos

Hubble Space Photos View Hubble's spectacular color pictures of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and more.

EduPic Graphical Resource- photos and images for education

Historic Maps from Florida’s Educational Clearinghouse

Smithsonian National Picture Gallery

Humanline:  a visual library of history


NASA  multimedia images

NASA-GRIN Astronomy or Science, 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Photo Library weather images

Science Images search for science photos

Music Resources

Freeplay Music

Harvest the Web

Most applications allow you to simply drag the image from the web to your page.

You may have to hold down the Control key and click on the image. Select save to disk.

Share Images

Share iPhoto albums with students

Use the Group shared folder

Clip Art on the Web

  1. Billy Bears' 4 Kids School clip art, backgrounds, lines, buttons.

  2. Classroom Clipart for teachers

  3. Kids Turn Central - Includes school, teddy bears, and fall clip art.

  4. Discovery School Images Choose from hundreds of original clip art pieces, including animations!

  5. Pics for Learning

  6. Teacher Files.Com Educational clip art.

  7. Find icons : great site for finding just that right icon for your website

  8. iConn Free images on the Web