Welcome To Broadview!
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Mission Statement: 
 Our vision is to create a 6th through 8th grade middle school that is highly regarded for its academic excellence and rigorous curriculum, where students are confident, self-directed learners who serve their community  

Broadview Middle School

72 Hospital Avenue
Danbury, CT  06810

(203) 797-4861
fax: (203) 790-2856


Edie Thomas          (203) 797-4861

Assistant Principals:
Shelley Rinaldi       (203) 797-4871
Sheri Prendergast  (203) 797-4873

Resource Officer:
Brian Hayes            (203) 830-6541


To Report Your Child's Absence:
Please call our attendance line 
(203) 797-4874


Send a written note or email to Wendy Burke, our attendance secretary, at burkew@danbury.k12.ct.us 
to verify your child's absence.