"Broadview Pride is having respect for people, property, and the ideas of others, and always doing your best!"  

Broadview Middle School

72 Hospital Avenue
Danbury, CT  06810

(203) 797-4861
fax: (203) 790-2856



Broadview Attendance Line:
(203) 797-4874

To Report Your Child's Absence:
Please call our attendance line at 
(203) 797-4874
Send a written note or email to Lisa Pappas, our attendance secretary, at pappal@danbury.k12.ct.us 
to verify your child's absence.

Mission Statement

Broadview Middle School strives to provide a safe educational environment, which addresses the unique developmental needs of early adolescents.  
We promote competence, self-discipline, and independence through the teaching/learning process.


Edward Robbs      (203) 797-4861

Assistant Principals:
Nikki Rhodes        (203) 797-4871
Sibyl Brooks         (203) 797-4873

Resource Officer:
Brian Hayes          (203) 830-6541