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Welcome to the Jefferson Early Childhood Social Worker Page

I am Elisa Sewell, the social worker for the Early Childhood Diagnostic Team and Preschool Programs at Jefferson School.

I have been a social worker in District 64 since 1997. I began my career here at Carpenter School, and I have also worked at Roosevelt School as well as the Parochial/Private schools. I have worked as the part-time early childhood social worker at Jefferson since 2002. The diagnostic team part of my job began in 2012 with the dissolution of the township cooperative, MTSEP. I enjoy being part of a school team, part of a social emotional department, and part of the larger school district system.

As a member of Jefferson's Diagnostic Team, I am involved in the screening and evaluation process for students. This process begins with a social history assessment and continues through the IEP development. I also provide ongoing support for families as needed during their Early Childhood experience. During the school year I facilitate a monthly parent education group at Jefferson School that focuses on a range of topics.

As a social worker in the early childhood program, I am here as a resource for you and your family. Some of the things that I can help with are finding resources for families in need; providing support to families who may be having a hard time due to divorce, illness or economic difficulties; and consultation to help parents deal with challenging behaviors at home. Please click below on “Associaltion for Positive Behavior Support” and “Area Resources” for resources and information. As the Early Childhood Program social worker, I spend time in the classrooms facilitating activities that are geared to improving social skills and play. In addition, I help children who need direct instruction to develop play schemes and emotional regulation.

Parent Group Notes

Area Resources

Association for Positive Behavior Support

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