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Data Journalism Basic DDJ1

Data Journalism Advanced DDJ2

Goals: introduction into the basic tools and skills for data journalism focusing on 1 variable analysis and visualization.

The training has the following elements:

- What is data journalism?

- Finding data

- downloading, scraping, handling pdf data

- Analyzing data with excel or calc

- Visualizing data in excel or calc, using Tableau and plotly, google fusion tables

- Building the story




outwit- hub


Examples for training

1 Data Dutch municipalities and mayors

- finding data dutch mayors / kroonbenoemde burgemeesters

- pdf doc to excel

- inspecting data in excel: vars: party, gender, age (experience)

- calculating key figures

- making graphs in excel

- interactive graphs for on line in tableau

- what is conclusion and the story

2. Largest cities

- Country-Wiki page

- scrape table

- clean up data and variables

- key figures

- map and charts for largest cities in tableau

- story building

3. Sovereign ratings

- trading economics

- scrape table and clean up

- summarize with pivot tables

- key figures

- charts and maps in sovereign ratings tableau

- story building

4 Working with maps

- markers and polygone maps in tableau

- adding gps data to maps

- finding shp maps and viz in qgis

5. Print and on line

- visualizations and resolution of charts and maps

6. Moving charts in tableau

Using GDP and life expectancy for a group of countries and years: scatter diagram per year

Topics on demand

- finding shp maps and viz in qgis

Examples of DDJ projects

- water levels in Cape Town dams

- crime rates for CPT precincts

- water point in Tanzania

- backgrounding members of the house of commons in NL

- crime rates in Dutch cities

- quality of hospitals in NL

- election data in Namibia

- twitter relations between reporters and members of the parliament

- fimicide in tibilisi/georgia

- SA elections on the map

- text analysis of the Source

Goals: using basic statistics for analysis I data journalism, analysis of more than 1 variable.

Using R for analysis.

Making charts in R with ggplot and exporting to plotly or googleviz.

Building and advanced scraper for more than 1 pages.

The training has the following elements:

- what is R and using R: introduction

- basic statistics

- advanced scraping

- making advanced plots and maps


R installed and packages

R studio

outwit hub

Examples for training

1. Data Dutch municipalities and mayors part 2

- Building advanced scraper for dutch municipalities, finding income unemployment, house value, cars

- add to data part 1

- import xls data in R

- univariate analysis in R and charts

- multivariate analysis in R, focusing on linear models:

income – house value and party

unemployment – party

gender and party

testing relationship, corr ,chi

- exporting plots and charts to plotly

2. development data /worldbank

- GDP and life expectancy,

- GDP and mobile phones,

- GDP financial inclusion

- Sovereign debt to GDP

- for set of countries and number of years

- downloading data in xls

- cleaning data

- importing data as datamatrix

- Analysis and charts in R, exporting to plotly

3. building advanced scraper for key economic data for countries from trading economics

4. working with databases

- spreadsheets versus databases

- making a databases and new records

- importing xls as databases

- queries and exporting

- joints

Topics on demand

- analyzing text with R for building word frequencies, word tree, word cloud, clustering

example: 100 articles published by the Source

- social network analysis of twitter users with Gephi

example: twitter relations between reporters and members of the parliament NL




  • NOS Journaal Hilversum, Dutch 8 o'clock news
  • Wegener Dutch regional newspaper group
  • De Persgroep, Dutch Belgium national newspapers group
  • Financieel Dagblad, Amsterdam
  • RNTC Training center Dutch World service, Hilversum
  • CCJ, center for journalism and Communication of Hogeschool Utrecht
  • Free Voice, Dutch NGO, training at Makere University, Uganda
  • Free Voice, Investing in the Future project at Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Maroc and   Bahrain
  • Internews Nairobi, Kenya
  • African Media Initiative, Nairobi, Kenya
  • African Story Challenge, Logos, Nigeria
  • Highway Africa, Rhodes University South Africa
  • South African Newspapers: Times(Johannesburg), Media24 Capetown, Independent Newspapers(Durban)
  • University of Amsterdam, Leuven (Belgium); Helsinki (Finland), Moscow(Russia), Kiev (Ukraine)
  • EJC European Journalism Center Maastricht; Tbilisi Georgia.
  • Technological University Limasol Cyprus
  • Editors Forum Windhoek, Namibia
  • Unesco Paris, France
  • Mwananchi Communications Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Daily News, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Utrecht
  • HIVOS media center/ TMF Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • HIVOS media center Nairobi Kenya
  • The Source, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Media center Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Centro de Estudos Inter-Disciplinares de Comunicacao(CEC), Maputo, Mozambique
  • United Nation Population Fund at Yangon Myanmar May 2016 data journalism consultant for census data.