Ms. Jaffe's 2018-19 Schedule

24 May 1595, Nomenclator of Leiden University became the first printed catalog of an institutional library. 

Expressions (The Niles West Literary Magazine)

Early Bird:  Office hours by request, room 1199
Period 1:    Sophomore English, room 1199
Period 2:    Sophomore English, room 1199
Period 3:    lunch
Period 4:    English Teachers' office--Sophomore Teachers' collaboration
Period 5:    AP English Literature and Composition, room 1199
Period 6:    Sophomore English, room 1199
Period 7:    English Teachers' office
Period 8:    Special Ed collaboration
Period 9:    Sophomore English, room 1199
After school:  Wednesdays--officers' meeting for Seminar for Scholars, Mondays--Middle Eastern Club, M, Tu, Wed--Office Hours by request

Email Ms. Jaffe at  or call at 847-626-2614

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To publish your creative work in the school literary magazine, contact Ms. Lewis.  To publish your creative work to the world, try this.