We are excited to offer this enriching opportunity to students at Canton High School. Speech team members build lifelong skills, such as self-confidence, organization, critical thinking, and poise. Speech team meets consist of fourteen events that range from writing your own speech, acting out a scene, performing short stories, or even presenting information as a radio announcer. For more information about the events, click on the "Speech Events" tab.

Who can join?

All students in grades 9-12 are welcome! No experience is necessary!

What are the expectations?

It is expected that students meet with one of the coaches once a week for individual coaching, attend scheduled team practices, and practice on their own . Meets are held on Saturdays and students will be expected to arrive as early as 6 AM for away events. Student will be expected to dress in a professional manner for meets, and conduct themselves in a manner befitting the occasion.

How long is the season?

The season begins in September when students select their event, pick their piece, work on presentation skills, and memorize their selection. Between the end of October and February, students compete in approximately eight Saturday meets. There is also the state series that occurs in February.

Can I be in other activities/sports at the same time as Speech Team? Yes! We want you all to make the most of your high school experience. We expect you, though, to commit to meeting once a week with your coach as well as meetings with the team. We also expect you to be dedicated to practicing outside of school. We will be flexible in working with you as long as you are committed and communicate conflicts with us.

Benefits of Being a Speechie

There are many benefits to being a part of the CHS Speech Team. You will:

1) Learn public speaking and acting skills.

2) Add valuable experience to your college applications and resume. Employers and universities are impressed by people who have competed in speech.

3) Get to know new people. Speech meets are a social event and you have down time to hang out and get to know kids from other schools.

4) Develop research and writing skills.

5) Overall, you will become a better communicator and gain poise and self-confidence!

Summer Camps

Speech camps are a great way to build your skills and get yourself tournament ready. While not required, they are beneficial for those who really want to push themselves to be the very best.  If you are interested in attending a camp during the summer, please let us know. There are limited local funds available for CHS team members who want to attend camp; however, much of the cost will need to be paid by the individual student.

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