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*Greetings From Your Reading Teacher



Thank you for visiting Mrs. Shroyer's  website. 

This year, we are "dog-gone" good reading super stars! Remember these things...


                            Show kindness

             Try your best

             Act responsibly

                Respect everyone

        Stay safe!


Get caught doing something "PAWS" itive

Respecting each other is an important part of the learning process. 

This is why we are continuing the  "bucket filler" positive incentive program .

 When you say kind things, you fill up another friend's bucket!  

Let's think of lots of creative ways to fill up somebody's  bucket all year long.

Did you know that you can fill up your teacher and your principal's bucket too?

 How about filling up a janitor's bucket or a cafeteria worker's bucket today?

Your family members also need you to say kind words to them.

Give us all something to bark about and fill someone's bucket today.