Why do I have to pay a service fee when my stove breaks? Isn't the stove covered under a manufacturer's warranty?


First of all, we understand how you feel about having to pay for a repair on a stove that is "brand new", or "just installed". In most cases, if the stove was just installed, and brand new, we will not charge you a service fee. We appreciate your choosing our company to purchase your stove and we try hard to make sure the stove performs to your satisfaction and according to the manufacturer's specifications. We will take care of most small issues, that may not be covered by the warranty, but might occur in the first few weeks of operation, for no charge.


After the stove has been put into service and has been confirmed to be working properly we expect that you, as the new owner, will learn to take care of all the minor service issues that are not covered under the warranty. We will be pleased to show you how to perform these maintenance duties yourself at the time of installation, or, if you are undable to be present at the time of installation, we will schedule a special visit to review proper stove operation and maintentance.


When you purchase your stove you are protected from any manufacturers defect through the warranty provided by the manufacturer. The Cracker Mill will honor the warranty as published and is responsible to you as the manufacturers representative for all warranty claims. If after installation and an initial period of operation you notice a warranty issue, we will be prepared to fix the problem under the provisions of your warranty. In most cases these issues will be fixed for no charge. (Note: some warranties do not cover travel expenses and some cases may require a small fee to help cover the cost of travel to your site).


In those cases where the problem with your stove is not covered under the warranty we will determine if there will be an appropriate fee charged to help defray our costs of travel, and for providing the labor needed to perform the repairs. Some examples of non-warranty repairs that may require a fee are:


Gasket repairs, glass replacement, paint touch-up, handle adjustments, fuse replacement, routine cleaning, vent system repairs, pilot ignition, or battery replacement. Or, any non-warrantied part.


Each case is different and we may be able to waive charges in some cases. Each case will be decided on it's own merit. However, when the repair is not covered under warranty you are responsible, as the owner of the product, to either learn how to do the repair or maintenance yourself or pay a service technician to perform the work for you. Please do not be offended if we ask you to pay our service fees when you ask us to come to your site and perform a repair or maintenence.


We have costs associated with our service department that require us to charge for all service calls. You may be charged our minimum service charge even if the total time spent on your site was less than 15 minutes. Our minimum service charge helps to cover the cost of travelling to your site location. For any repairs requiring more than the minimum charge you will be notified by the technician of the expected charges prior to his or her beginning the work.