Henri Fraisse

Banque de France 


53, rue de Chateaudun

Paris 75009, France

telephone: (33) 1 42 92 49 99

Email: hf42@cmail.cornell.edu, henri.fraisse@acpr.banque-france.fr





Banque de France, Inspection Générale, On-site banking supervision, Internal Risk Models Unit

  • Inspector, Head of Mission : Feb. 2018-present
         ECB missions (review of internal models, credit files review, ICAAP),  IMF technical assistance mission, ACPR             missions
         Chair of the Inspection' internal task force on the use of big data and AI for on-site supervisory purposes

French Supervisory Authority, Research Department
  • Senior Research Adviser, Head of the Research Unit : 2017-2018

        Research in  Banking and Financial Regulation, Policy Briefing -

        Management of the team : 4 researchers, 2 consultants

        Member of the steering comitee of the ACPR research initiative, co-organizer of the ACPR academic conference and of the ACPR academic seminars

  • Head of the Macro Prudential Risk Division : 2011-2016

        Stress tests, Banking, Insurance, Financial Regulation, Macroprudential Policies, Policy Briefing 

        Management of the team : 25 economists, researchers, quants and consultants

        ACPR representative in international groups (EBA, ECB,ESRB,BIS, EIOPA) on stress testing, financial stability and macroprudential policies        

Banque de France

  • Deputy Head of the Microeconomic Studies Division: 2008-2011
        Research in labor economics and consumer finance, Policy briefing

        Co-Management of the team : 12  researchers, consultants and assistant researchers  

  • PhD Candidate in Economics at Cornell University-2004-2008 
  • Macroeconomic Studies and Forecasting Unit: Economist-2001-2004

Forecasting and macroeconomic studies (see publications), policy briefing.

Representative of the Banque de France at the Working Group of Forecasting of the Euro system of Central Banks.

Representative of the Banque de France at the Working group on “Labour market mismatches in euro area countries”.           

  • Market Operations Department Euro Market Unit : Adjoint de Direction, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager 1999-2001.

Trading-Investment Tools Developments (zero-coupon curves, efficient frontiers and optimal portfolios estimates)-Market Analysis


GAN-GROUPAMA- Collective Insurance Department
  • Actuary : 1998-1999
        Pricing of collective insurance contracts protecting from borrowers’ default
Délégation Générale de l’Armement (Procurement Agency)
  • Mandatory Military Service as “scientific staff” : 1997-1998




Cornell University: Ph.D. in Economics, 2009

Fields: Labor Economics, Public Economics and Applied Econometrics

Committee: Professor Lawrence M. Kahn (Chair), Professor John M. Abowd, Professor Jed DeVaro.

University of Paris I, Sorbonne: M.S. in Macroeconomics, 2004

M.S. Thesis : « modelisation for the French saving ratio » under the supervision of Antoine d’Autume -Published in the Banque de France Monthly Bulletin Nov.2004-Quoted in the Newspaper “Le Monde” 31.Oct 2004.


ENSAE (Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique), 1997

M.S. in Economics and Statistics (Diplôme de l’ENSAE). Major in financial engineering and actuarial science.

Member of the Institut des Actuaires Français (French Society of Actuaries)

M.S. Thesis : “Option pricing under uncertain volatility : the Avelanedda, Levy and Paras approach”