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General Election, November 8, 2022


(Updated at 5:30 pm on November 23.)


Unofficial Results for the August 23, 2022 Special Election and Democratic Primary will be posted and updated here after the polls close. Results include in-person Election Day voting, Early Voting, and Absentee Ballots returned as of August 21. (Updated Aug. 23, 11:17 PM. 62 of 62 Districts Reporting.)

Results by Election District are here. (This does not include Absentee ballots received within the last few days, or affidavit (provisional) ballots.)

UPCOMING ELECTION: Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Polls will be open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM on November 8.

On Election Day--November 8--All voters must vote at their designated Poll Site.

Early Voting for the November General Election Will begin on Saturday, October 29, 2022 and run through Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Early Voting Hours (for both EV sites):

Sat Oct 29: 9a-5p
Sun Oct 30: 9a-5p
Mon Oct 31: noon-8p
Tues Nov 1: 9a-5p
Wed Nov 2: Noon-8p
Thurs Nov 3: 9a-5p
Fri Nov 4: 9a-5p
Sat Nov 5: 9a-5p
Sun Nov 6: 9a-5p

Columbia County registered voters can vote at the early voting site located at 401 State Street, Hudson, NY 12534, OR at the Martin H. Glynn Municipal Building located at 3211 Church Street, Valatie, NY 12184, no matter where in the county they reside.


A new law has been enacted by the State of New York that is a major change for voters who may want to vote by absentee ballot.

Beginning now (2022), a voter who has been issued* an absentee ballot MAY NOT CAST A BALLOT ON THE VOTING MACHINE, either at Early Voting or on Election Day.

( * Technically, it is the issuing of the absentee ballot by the Board of Elections to the voter that bars the voter from voting on the machine, but after ballots are printed--in mid-May for the Primary--ballots will be issued promptly upon receipt of the application, so submitting the absentee application will effectively bar the voter from voting on the machine.)

A voter who has been issued an absentee ballot IS permitted to vote by AFFIDAVIT ballot at Early Voting or on Election Day.

This is the case regardless of whether the voter actually returns the absentee ballot. It is the ISSUING of the absentee ballot that triggers this restriction, not the return of the absentee ballot itself.

The voter’s affidavit ballot will be counted if the Board of Elections has not received an absentee ballot from the voter and the voter is otherwise qualified. If, at the time the Board reviews affidavit ballots, the Board of Elections has received both an affidavit ballot and an absentee ballot from the voter, the absentee ballot will be counted and the affidavit ballot will not be.

In summary, once you submit an APPLICATION for an absentee ballot, you should plan to vote either by ABSENTEE ballot or by AFFIDAVIT ballot (if you go to Early Voting or to your Election Day polling place). Once an absentee ballot is issued to you, you may not cast your ballot on the voting machine.

APPLICATION DEADLINES FOR ABSENTEE BALLOTS ARE EARLIER: ANOTHER IMPORTANT CHANGE WAS ENACTED LAST YEAR AND REMAINS IN EFFECT. Applications for absentee ballots that are submitted to the Board of Elections by mail or via the State portal must be received by the Board of Elections at least fifteen (15) days ahead of the election.

After this 15-day cutoff, only applications for absentee ballots that are PERSONALLY delivered to the Board of Elections can be accepted. Personally delivered applications for absentee ballots may be brought to the Board of Elections as late as the day before the election. The Board, upon such personal delivery of the application, will then give the ballot to the voter or to the designated agent, but will not mail out a ballot.

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Click here for Certified Final Results of June 28, 2022 Primary

Breakdown by Election District here.

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Deadline Feb 14th for Party Enrollment Changes:

  • To vote in a primary election, if your party is having a primary, you must be enrolled in that party by February 14th of the year in which it occurs. If you want to change your party enrollment, your properly completed Voter Registration Form must be IN HAND at the Board of Elections by Monday, February 14th.

  • Please note: A change of enrollment completed on MyDMV on February 14th will not be considered timely for this year's primary elections.

  • Any change of enrollment received after February 14th will take effect after the primary election of that year.

2022 Election Schedule

March 15 (Tues): Village Elections -- check your village website for polling hours

May 17 (Tues): School Elections -- check your school website for polling hours and locations

June 28 (Tues): Primary Election -- polls open 6am-9pm; early voting June 18-June 26

August 23 (Tues): Federal Primary & Special Election -- polls open 6am-9pm; early voting August 13-August 21

Nov 8 (Tues): General Election -- polls open 6am-9pm; early voting Oct 29-Nov 6

2019 General Election

Certified results:

County and Supreme Court Races

Town Races

Office hours at the Board: 8am-4pm, M-F.

For Austerlitz Voters

You now vote at the Town Hall at 812 Route 203 in Spencertown instead of at the firehouse.

For Stockport Voters

You now vote at the American Legion Hall at 107 County Route 25 (across Route 25 from the firehouse).

For City of Hudson Voters

City ward boundaries changed on January 1, 2017 due to the passage of Proposition 1 in the November 2016 election. See the Board of Elections' press release of February 14, 2017 and the attached map for more information.

Become a Poll Worker - The Board of Elections is always looking for qualified voters to serve as Poll Inspectors. It's a great way to earn extra money while responding to your community's need. Please contact us if you are interested.