Columbia County Public Defender

The Columbia County Public Defender's Office is located at:

610 State Street

Hudson, New York 12534

Contact Information

Telephone: (518) 828-3410

Fax: (518) 828-4076

Columbia County Public Defender

Shane A. Zoni

First Assistant Public Defender

Michael C. Howard

Assistant Public Defenders

Jessica D. Howser

Maryellen Miner

Kenneth G. Cranna

Ian L. Crimmins

Kimberly Prince Walsh

Stephen Barry

Morgan Lynk

Bryan Bergeron

If you are interested in applying for assigned counsel on your Criminal, Family Court, or Parole case, please download and print out the Assigned Counsel Application by clicking the button below.

Bring the completed form to our office, along with a copy of your charges (criminal or Parole case) or Petition (Family Court case). Also be prepared to provide proof of income (pay stubs or last tax return) if requested.

ATTENTION: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, in addition to fax, mail or in person applications, you may submit your completed application form and Court paperwork to : (Please note that in any event, you still must fill out the application form. Simply emailing us a Court document without an application form, or the information provided by that form, is not considered a completed application for assigned counsel by this office.)

(Note- there are two options to access our application form online:

1. A fillable PDF. If you use this option, you MUST download it and fill it out on your computer or by hand. You currently cannot complete it online. Please download, fill out the application, save your answers, and then email the saved form to the above email address. If possible, please scan and upload a copy of the charges or court documents in your case as well.) If you do not have email capability, you can also mail or fax us the completed form, however, you will need to call us to let us know that you are applying in this manner.


Si está interesado en solicitar un abogado asignado en su caso penal, del tribunal de familia o de libertad condicional, descargue e imprima la Solicitud de abogado asignado haciendo clic en el botón a continuación.

Traiga el formulario completo a nuestra oficina, junto con una copia de sus cargos (caso penal o de libertad condicional) o Petición (caso del Tribunal de Familia). También esté preparado para proporcionar prueba de ingresos (talones de pago o última declaración de impuestos) si se solicita.

ATENCIÓN: Durante la pandemia COVID-19, además de las solicitudes por fax, correo o en persona, puede enviar su formulario de solicitud completo y la documentación de la corte a: (tenga en cuenta que, en cualquier caso, debe completar el formulario de solicitud. Simplemente enviarnos por correo electrónico un documento judicial sin un formulario de solicitud, o la información proporcionada por ese formulario, no se considera una solicitud completa para un abogado asignado por esta oficina).

(Nota: hay dos opciones para acceder a nuestro formulario de solicitud en línea:

1. Un PDF descargable. Si usa esta opción, DEBE descargarla y completarla a mano. Actualmente no puede completarlo en línea. Descargue, complete la solicitud y luego escanee y envíe por correo electrónico el formulario completo a la dirección de correo electrónico anterior. Si es posible, escanee y cargue una copia de los cargos o documentos judiciales en su caso también.) Si no tiene capacidad de correo electrónico, también puede enviarnos por correo o fax el formulario completo; sin embargo, deberá llamarnos al háganos saber que está aplicando de esta manera.

2. Below is an experimental online application. If you choose to apply this way, you MUST contact this office after you have completed the form to verify that we did receive your application. We will also need copies of the paper work that we usually need from potential clients who apply in person (copies of Court papers or charges, proof of income, etc.), and you will need to find a way to get that information tho this office either by email, mail. or in person.