Columbia County Public Defender

The Columbia County Public Defender's Office is located at:

610 State Street

Hudson, New York 12534

Contact Information

Telephone: (518) 828-3410

Fax: (518) 828-4076

Columbia County Public Defender

Dominic J. Cornelius

First Assistant Public Defender

Michael C. Howard

Assistant Public Defenders

Jessica D. Howser

Maryellen Miner

Kenneth G. Cranna

Ian L. Crimmins

Kimberly Prince Walsh

Stephen Barry

If you are interested in applying for assigned counsel on your Criminal, Family Court, or Parole case, please download and print out the Assigned Counsel Application by clicking the button below.

Bring the completed form to our office, along with a copy of your charges (criminal or Parole case) or Petition (Family Court case). Also be prepared to provide proof of income (pay stubs or last tax return) if requested.