Carew Elizabeth Boulding

I grew up in Boulder, CO and was thrilled to return in 2007 to join the faculty in political science. 

My research focuses on understanding political participation in developing democracies. I am interested in why people vote, why they protest, and how the context of democratic quality shapes those choices. 

My book, NGOs, Civil Society and Political Protest (published in 2014 by Cambridge University Press and soon available in paperback), explores how the quality of elections affects the role that NGOs and other organizations in civil society have in shaping how people participate in politics. 

My next project, with co-author Claudio Holzner, explores poverty and political participation in Latin America.  

I have also worked on NGOs and credit-claiming, the impact of participatory budgeting on well-being, political competition and social spending, and voter turnout in Bolivia and Brazil, civil society and support for democratic political systems, and attitudes of indigenous people toward the government in Bolivia. 

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