IT Systems and Infrastructure

Codec Consulting offer the following services for business customers, and home users as well. This is not an exclusive list so please get in contact if you require a service not listed below. Based on the customer’s requirements we can specify an efficient and cost effective solution to ease the burden on the existing infrastructure. In addition to this we can produce a working specification and implementation for new servers for backup and email as well as providing a fully workable network design and configuration. This can include all internal IP addressing and routing designs to cater for any number of computers.

Backup and Email solutions

Support and upgrades to existing backup solutions (including tape backups) to make use of quicker, more reliable hardware for storage. We can also offer support in providing a solution for disaster recovery scenarios in the event of a catastrophic failure or situation. Alongside this, we can assist with the selection, installation, configuration and support for a more cost effective backup solution, catering specifically to the client’s requirements for data storage and recovery options.

Codec Consulting can also provide advice with setting up a custom email solution based on a specialised hosted environment, thus providing another route to cost savings and having an efficient service.

Network Design and configuration

We can assist with the selection and purchase of LAN switches and routers to provide a stable and efficient network configuration. In addition to this we can provide installation, configuration and a support service for the network solution. Where necessary we can specify an upgrade to the existing infrastructure if it is not performing to expectations and assist with all stages in the process.

IP addressing and routing design

Codec Consulting have the ability to design and implement high availability routing systems, including the design of IP addressing schemes to provide the most efficient and effective solution to clients.

DNS and DHCP configuration and support

We can specify a complete DNS configuration service including the setup and configuration of Domain names and forwarding, as well as implement DHCP servers. Services for DHCP servers include the selection, installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance.

Servicing and Upgrades

In addition to the listed services, we can also assist with the servicing and upgrades to any existing infrastructure, whilst understanding the customer’s requirements so that any solution is both effective and efficient. Get in contact to find out more.