Homework will be posted weekly.  The assignments are also updated and listed at the front of my classroom.
Canal Project: This will be done in class with a partner. We will be researching various canals that are in existence today to find out why they were built and primary usage. We are currently learning about the Erie Canal and why it was built. This project will be due on Tuesday, October 3rd. The handouts and full description of the assignment can be found under the tab on the left, "homework worksheets."

Monday, September 25th - Friday, September 29th:
Students are working in class on their Canal research project. Homework this week will be minimal depending on their progress in class. If a student has missed class time/school, they may need time at home to continue working on this to meet the due date of Tuesday, October 3rd. 

Quiz: Chapter 8, section 3 & 4 on Wednesday, 9/20

Monday, September 18th
Study for your quiz on Chp. 8 section 3 & 4

Tuesday, September 19th
Study for your quiz on Chp. 8, section 3 & 4

Wednesday, September 20th
Complete timeline questions & the explore the picture questions using page 298-299

1)In what year did James Monroe become president of the United States?
2) What two major U.S. events happened during Monroe's presidency?
3)When did Mexico and Peru gain independence from Spain?
4)Which country was founded by free American slaves?

Exploring the picture on 298-299
What can you tell from the photo about transporting goods by canal?

Thursday, September 21st
Read pages 300-301 and complete section 1, chapter 9 chart on Britain and Spain

Friday, September 22nd 
Read pages 304-305 and answer questions 1,2,3 on page 305

Monday, September 11th
No Homework

Tuesday, September 12th
Read 286-287 and finish the section 4 chart 

Wednesday, September 13th
Complete half of the study guide for Chapter 8 sections 3 & 4C

Thursday, September 14th 
Complete your study guide for Monday, 9/18

Friday, September 15th 
Complete study guide for Monday, 9/18

Monday, September 4th
Labor Day

Tuesday, September 5th
Study for quiz on Thursday, Chapter 8 sections 1 & 2

Wednesday, September 6th
Study for quiz on Thursday, Chapter 8 sections 1 & 2

Thursday, September 7th
Finish reading pages 278-270 and complete the embargo act chart if not done in class 

Friday, September 8th
Answer questions 1, 2, 3 on page 283

Monday, August 28th

Tuesday, August 29th

Wednesday, August 30th 
Please get your book covered and return expectation sheet for Friday

Thursday, August 31st
SS B & C: Read pages 269-270 and complete the chart on "Power of the Judicial Branch" Due Friday
                Get your book covered and return expectation sheet Due Friday

SS A & D:  We will have a limited time in class on Friday because of an assembly. Please be sure to have your book covered,                     expectation sheet signed to hand in for Tuesday. 

                    We will work on reading pages 272-276 in class. Please finish reading and fill in the Chapter 8, section 2 chart for                     Tuesday. 

Friday, September 1st
SS B & C: Read pages 275-276 and complete section 2 chart Due Tuesday

SS A & D: Please continue with your assignment from Thursday night, due Tuesday.