Homework will be posted weekly.  The assignments are also updated and listed at the front of my classroom.
Quiz Wednesday, Chapters 1-5 on Lyddie, including vocabulary from those chapters.
There is a quizlet that can be utilized. Search colleen_bloom. There is a Lyddie chapters 1-5 vocab and Lyddie Chapters 1-5 questions.

Monday, January 23rd
Complete the reading of chapter 5 and questions, if not finished in class.
Quiz on Wednesday, be studying for chapters 1-5 quiz.

Tuesday, January 24th
Study for your quiz on chapters 1-5 of Lyddie. Be sure to know your vocabulary terms as well.

Wednesday, January 25th
Complete the reading of chapter 6 and questions, if not finished in class.

Thursday, January 26th
Complete the reading of chapter 7 and questions, if not finished in class.

Friday, January 27th
Complete the reading of chapter 8 and questions, if not finished in class.

Monday, January 16th
No School

Tuesday, January 17th
Continue reading Chapter 1 of Lyddie and complete questions

Wednesday, January 18th
Finish reading chapter 2 of Lyddie and complete questions

Thursday, January 19th
Finish reading chapter 3 of Lyddie and complete questions

Friday, January 20th
Finish reading chapter 4 of Lyddie and complete questions

Monday, January 9th
Factory letter due tomorrow 

Tuesday, January 10th
Use the chapter 1 vocab list from Lyddie to write a synonym for each vocabulary term to demonstrate you understand its meaning.  Due Tuesday 1/17

Wednesday, January 11th
Use the chapter 2 & 3 vocab list to write a synonym for each vocabulary term to demonstrate you understand its meaning. Due Tuesday, 1/17

Thursday, January 12th
No Hw

Friday, January 13th
No Hw

Monday, January 2nd
No School

Tuesday, January 3rd
Factory letters will be due Tuesday, January 10th. These will be worked on primarily in class, using the Chrome books. All pre planning sheets and assignment sheets located under the "Homework worksheets" tab.

**Tonight please make sure you have decided on your factory name, item you will be producing, and 2-3 supporting details for the three reasons. We will begin drafting our introduction paragraph tomorrow in class.

Wednesday, January 4th
Factory Letter: Due Tuesday, January 10th

**You should have the intro paragraph and half of the first body paragraph completed for tomorrow

Thursday, January 5th
Factory Letter: Due Tuesday, January 10th

**You should now have the intro, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2, and part of body paragraph 3 for tomorrow

Friday, January 6th
Factory Letter: Due Tuesday, January 10th

**You should now have the intro, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2, body paragraph 3, and part of your conclusion paragraph completed for Monday.

Monday, December 19th
Complete reading of pages 392-395 if not done in class and finish answering questions 4-13.

Tuesday, December 20th
Check Power School! You must log on using the website to get credit. Do not use the app. Check all current grades.

Wednesday, December 21st

Thursday, December 22nd

Friday, December 23rd

*****Quiz on Chapter 11: Thursday, 12/15
Gold Rush Advertisement: Due Tuesday, 12/13

Monday, December 12th
Gold Rush Advertisement Due tomorrow

Tuesday, December 13th
Finish Chapter 11 study guide

Wednesday, December 14th
Study for quiz tomorrow on Chapter 11

Thursday, December 15th
1) Timeline questions using pages 380-381
    When did the first steam powered mill open in Britain?
    How long after the first commercially successful steamboat in the U.S. was the nation's first passenger locomotive?
    How and when did working conditions change for government employees during this period?
2) Read 384-385 and answer questions 1-3 from worksheet

Friday, December 16th
Read pages 390-391 and answer questions 1-3 from worksheet.

****Final copy Alamo Questions: Due Tuesday, 12/6
***Gold Rush advertisement due Tuesday, 12/13
***Quiz Chapter 11: Thursday, 12/15

Monday, December 5th
Final copy of Alamo questions due tomorrow

Tuesday, December 6th
Finish reading pages 364-366 and answer questions 1-6 from the worksheet if not done in class.

Wednesday, December 7th
Finish reading 366-369 and answer questions 7-14 if not done in class

Thursday, December 8th
No Homework

Friday, December 9th
Gold Rush advertisement due Tuesday, 12/13

Monday, 11/28 - Friday, 12/2
Students are viewing The Alamo in class.  Discussion questions are located under the "homework worksheets" tab. All questions will be due on Tuesday, December 6th. Each day we discuss as a class any questions that we can answer and take notes.

Quiz: Chapter 11, section 3: Tuesday, November 22nd

Monday, November 21st
Study for your quiz tomorrow on Chapter 11, section 3

Tuesday, November 22nd
Enjoy your break!

Quiz: Chapter 11, section 1: Tuesday, November 15th

Monday, November 14th
Study for quiz on Chapter 11, section 2: Tomorrow: Tuesday 11/15

Tuesday, November 15th
Read pages 354-357 and answer questions 107 if not finished in class

Wednesday, November 16th
1) Read pages 360-363 and answer questions 1-8 on worksheet for Chp. 11 sec. 3
2) Complete main idea questions for Chp. 11, sec. 3
Both of these are Due Monday: November 21st

Thursday, November 17th
See HW due Monday

Friday, November 18th
See HW due Monday

November 8th: Quiz, Chp. 11, sec 1 Quiz

Veterans Assembly, Friday, November 11th: Please bring in photos of your Veterans for our slideshow.

Monday, November 7th
Study for quiz on Chapter 11, section 1 tomorrow

Tuesday, November 8th
Finish reading pages 350-351 and answer questions 1-12 from Chapter 11 section 2 worksheet, if not done in class.

Wednesday, November 9th
Finish questions 1-4 from Chapter 11 section 2, part 2 worksheet from class if not done.

Thursday, November 10th
1: Complete the Chapter 11, section 2 review questions
2: Complete the Chapter 11, section 2 study guide

Both of these are Due Monday, 11/14

Friday, November 11th
Complete Thursday night's hw due Monday, 11/4

Tuesday, November 1st: Test Chapter 10
Tuesday, November 1st: Interview a Veteran Assignment Due

Monday, October 31st
Study for Test, Chapter 10
Interview a Veteran Assignment Due Tuesday, 11/1

Tuesday, November 1st
Read 346 to left 348 and answer questions 1-5 from worksheet on Chapter 11, section 1

Wednesday, November 2nd
Finish questions 6-8 from worksheet

Thursday, November 3rd
Complete the study guide for Chapter 11, Section 1

Friday, November 4th
Study for quiz on Chapter 11, section 1: Monday, 11/7

Monday, October 24th
If you were not in class, please read Cherokee response to removal

Tuesday, October 25th
Please complete the first part of the study guide. 1-6

Wednesday, October 26th
Complete the chapter review sheet for chapter 10

Thursday, October 27th
Complete the study guide

Friday, October 28th
Study for test Tuesday on Chapter 10

Canal Project Due: Wednesday, October 19th (see assignment outline under "homework worksheets" tab
Interview a Veteran assignment Due 11/1

Monday, October 10th
No School

Tuesday, October 11th through Thursday, October 13th
Continue working on Canal Project. If you are not going to meet the deadline for the due date, then please be continuing to work on this assignment outside of class during enrichment and at home.

Friday, October 14th
Please complete the timeline questions using pages 318-319
1) In what year was Andrew Jackson elected president?
2) What did Andrew Jackson veto in 1832?
3) What is the Trail of Tears, and when did it begin?
4)What major contribution did Sequoya make, and when?

Test Chapter 9: Wednesday, October 5th                                                    Interview a Veteran: Due 11/1

Monday, October 3rd through Tuesday, October 4th
Study for Test on Chapter 9
Study guide under HW worksheets, if you lost yours

Wednesday, October 5th through Friday, October 7th
Students will begin working in class this week on their Canal Project. They will be assigned a Canal to research with a partner of their choice.
Full description of the assignment can be found under HW worksheets.

Monday, September 26th
Check Power School to look at all grades and any assignments that may be missing

Tuesday, September 27th
Finish reading 309-311 and complete the Section 3 Chart on "A New Style of Art."

Wednesday, September 28th
Finish the front page of your study guide

Thursday, September 29th
Finish the second page of your study guide

Friday, September 30th
Finish the rest of your study guide

Quiz: Chapter 8, sections 3 & 4 Monday, September 19th. Study guide is under HW worksheets tab

Monday, September 19th
1) Complete timeline questions using pages 294-295
     1)In what year did James Monroe become President of the United States?
     2) What two major U.S. events happened during Monroe's Presidency?
     3) When did Mexico and Peru gain their independence?
     4) Which country was founded by freed African slaves

2) Complete writing your paragraph on, Character of a country.
     Think about the character of the United States from what we've learned so far. Imagine the United States as a person. Howe would you describe this person-young, feisty, aggressive, soft spoken, opinionated?
     Please respond to this in a minimum of one paragraph, at least six to eight sentences, and include supporting information for your description from factual information in the textbook.

Tuesday, September 20th
Finish reading p. 298-299
Finish the chart for Spain/Britain

Wednesday, September 21st
Read pages 302-left of 304
Complete questions p. 305 #/s 1 & 2 (all parts) due Friday

Thursday, September 22nd
Continue working on Wednesday night's hw due Friday

Friday, September 23rd
Complete page 307 # 1 & 2 (all parts)

Monday, September 12th
Finish reading Chapter 8, section 4
Complete section 4 chart

Tuesday, September 13th
Complete study guide for Chapter 8, section 3 & 4

Wednesday, September 14th
Study for quiz on Chapter 8 section 3 & 4 for Monday, 9/19

Thursday, September 15th
Study for quiz

Friday, September 16th
Study for quiz Monday 9/19

Monday, September 5th
Labor Day: No School

Tuesday, September 6th
Study for quiz on Thursday, Chapter 8, sections 1 & 2

Wednesday, September 7th
Study for quiz on Thursday, Chapter 8, sections 1 & 2

Thursday, September 8th
Read pages 278-left side of 280
Complete chart on the Embargo Act

Friday, September 9th
Read pages 280-283
Answer timeline questions on page 281

Monday, August 29th
No School

Tuesday, August 30th
1)Get expectation sheet signed: Due Friday
2) Get book covered: Due Friday

Wednesday, August 31st
1)Read pages 269-270, "Marbury vs. Madison"
2) Fill out Chart "Power of the Judicial Branch"

Thursday, September 1st
Read pages 275-277 and answer questions 2  & 3 all parts

Friday, September 2nd
Complete study guide for chapter 8 sections 1 & 2