Homework will be posted weekly.  The assignments are also updated and listed at the front of my classroom.
Test Chapter 9: Wednesday, October 5th

Monday, September 26th
Check Power School to look at all grades and any assignments that may be missing

Tuesday, September 27th
Finish reading 309-311 and complete the Section 3 Chart on "A New Style of Art."

Wednesday, September 28th
Finish the front page of your study guide

Thursday, September 29th
Finish the second page of your study guide

Friday, September 30th
Finish the rest of your study guide

Quiz: Chapter 8, sections 3 & 4 Monday, September 19th. Study guide is under HW worksheets tab

Monday, September 19th
1) Complete timeline questions using pages 294-295
     1)In what year did James Monroe become President of the United States?
     2) What two major U.S. events happened during Monroe's Presidency?
     3) When did Mexico and Peru gain their independence?
     4) Which country was founded by freed African slaves

2) Complete writing your paragraph on, Character of a country.
     Think about the character of the United States from what we've learned so far. Imagine the United States as a person. Howe would you describe this person-young, feisty, aggressive, soft spoken, opinionated?
     Please respond to this in a minimum of one paragraph, at least six to eight sentences, and include supporting information for your description from factual information in the textbook.

Tuesday, September 20th
Finish reading p. 298-299
Finish the chart for Spain/Britain

Wednesday, September 21st
Read pages 302-left of 304
Complete questions p. 305 #/s 1 & 2 (all parts) due Friday

Thursday, September 22nd
Continue working on Wednesday night's hw due Friday

Friday, September 23rd
Complete page 307 # 1 & 2 (all parts)

Monday, September 12th
Finish reading Chapter 8, section 4
Complete section 4 chart

Tuesday, September 13th
Complete study guide for Chapter 8, section 3 & 4

Wednesday, September 14th
Study for quiz on Chapter 8 section 3 & 4 for Monday, 9/19

Thursday, September 15th
Study for quiz

Friday, September 16th
Study for quiz Monday 9/19

Monday, September 5th
Labor Day: No School

Tuesday, September 6th
Study for quiz on Thursday, Chapter 8, sections 1 & 2

Wednesday, September 7th
Study for quiz on Thursday, Chapter 8, sections 1 & 2

Thursday, September 8th
Read pages 278-left side of 280
Complete chart on the Embargo Act

Friday, September 9th
Read pages 280-283
Answer timeline questions on page 281

Monday, August 29th
No School

Tuesday, August 30th
1)Get expectation sheet signed: Due Friday
2) Get book covered: Due Friday

Wednesday, August 31st
1)Read pages 269-270, "Marbury vs. Madison"
2) Fill out Chart "Power of the Judicial Branch"

Thursday, September 1st
Read pages 275-277 and answer questions 2  & 3 all parts

Friday, September 2nd
Complete study guide for chapter 8 sections 1 & 2