Homework will be posted weekly.  The assignments are also updated and listed at the front of my classroom.
Tuesday Sept. 1: Get "expectations' sheet signed.
Read, study, learn pages 266-270.
Cover the book

Wednesday Sept. 2: Read, study, learn pages 266-270.
Complete worksheet section "Election of 1800"
Have "expectations" sheet signed.

Thursday Sept. 3: Same as Tuesday, Wednesday plus:
Complete the worksheet "Jefferson's Beliefs and Practices"
and "Judicial Branch"

Friday Sept. 4: Begin section 2.
Read, study, learn pages 272-277
Research Thomas Jefferson and early 1800's

Tuesday Sept 8: Read, study, learn pages 272-277
Complete the timeline of the Louisiana Purchase

Wednesday Sept 9: Complete page 277 1-3 all parts
with complete sentences

Thursday Sept. 10:  Make sure page 277 is complete.
Research Lewis and Clark

Friday Sept 11:  Finish Lewis and Clark video questions.
Make sure page 277 is complete.  Begin to prepare for a quiz
on Chapter 8 parts 1 and 2.

Monday Sept. 14: Complete the study guide for Chapter 8
section 1 and 2.  Prepare for quiz on Wednesday.

Tuesday Sept 15:  Page 277 number 4 graphic organizer.
prepare for quiz.

Wednesday Sept 16:  Read, study, learn pages 278-283.

Thursday Sept 17:  Continue to read, study, and learn pages 278- 283
Complete the Graphic Organizer on the Embargo of 1807

Friday Sept 18: Camp Hazen so finish Thursday assignment

Monday Sept 21:  Continue to read pages 278-283
Complete page 283 section assessment 1-3

Tuesday Sept 22:  Continue to read pages 278-283
Begin graphic organizer for chapter 8 section 4
Research the War of 1912

Wednesday Sept 23:  Continue with Wednesday assignment
Also, work on the interview project

Thursday Sept 24:  Same as Wednesday, but now complete the
graphic organizer for Friday
Also, work on your interview project

Friday Sept 25:  Work on your interview project.  It's due final copy
October 16.  Start to prepare for a quiz on sections 3 and 4.

Monday Sept 28:  Begin to answer questions on the "War of 1812" video
Continue to work on the veteran interview project

Tuesday Sept 29:  Finish the worksheet questions on the "War of 1812"
video.  Continue with the veteran interview

Wednesday Sept 30:  Complete page 287 1 - 3
Continue to work on interview of a veteran
Get prepared for quiz on Monday

Thursday Oct 1:  Make sure p. 287 1 - 3 is complete; begin to prepare for
quiz on Monday; continue to work on veteran interview

Friday Oct 2: Review chapter 8 sections 3 and 4;  go over all work sheets and
work for the unit in order to prepare for the quiz on Monday.

Monday Oct. 5:  Read, study, and learn pages 298 - 301
Continue to "Interview a Veteran"

Tuesday Oct. 6:  Continue to read, study, and learn pages 298 - 301.
Continue to "Interview a Veteran"  It's due Oct. 16
Do page 301 1 - 3

Wednesday Oct. 7:  Same as Monday and Tuesday plus begin chapter 9
graphic organizer

Thursday Oct. 8:  Interview a veteran is due next week!!!!
Finish the graphic organizer for chapter 9 section 1

Friday Oct. 9:  Work on the veteran interview
Read, study, learn pages 302 - 305

Monday Oct. 14:  No School

Tuesday Oct. 15: