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Pre-Algebra 8 - Pre-Algebra 8 includes an in-depth review of the pertinent Math 7 topics related to Algebra. In addition to the Math 7 review, the course also covers all of the VA SOL Math 8 2016 standards. The goal of the course is to be prepared for Algebra I as you start into the high school.

Math 6 - Math 6 includes an in-depth review of the pertinent elementary building blocks. The course covers all of the VA SOL Math 6 2016 standards. The course serves as a jump start to math in the middles school.

Teacher: Dennis Sandala

School: Johnson-Williams Middle School - Room 208

Pre-Algebra 8 Syllabus

Math 6 Syllabus

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Phone: 540-955-6160

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Math is all around us

Mr. Sandala started his teaching career ten years ago after twenty years as a computer/systems engineer. He often brings his experiences from the projects he helped develop, including missile systems, the B2 Bomber, RADAR and Air Traffic Control systems, and Justice and Public Safety systems, as an engineer into the classroom to help make connections between "just math" and math in motion. He routinely links the math that is all around us to the math that students learn in the classroom.