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Year 3 and 4 make an even bigger splash

posted 24 Jun 2016, 12:51 by ridgeway weblog

Enjoy pics from our latest swimming galas!

Year 3:

Year 4

Year 6 make a big splash!

posted 20 Jun 2016, 11:33 by ridgeway weblog

It's Year 6's turn to battle it out in our swimming gala:

U10 A & B Isle of Wight Cricket Tour

posted 20 Jun 2016, 06:23 by Helen Davies   [ updated 20 Jun 2016, 06:24 ]

Enjoy the photos from the Isle of Wight Cricket tour by clicking on the link below......


What an Amazing Day!

posted 17 Jun 2016, 15:29 by ridgeway weblog   [ updated 17 Jun 2016, 15:32 ]

3 Swimming Galas: (Click for some great Pics!)

And Bushcraft

And Chembakolli Day!

#HEW2016 - A "taste" of what we have been trying ...

posted 17 Jun 2016, 07:51 by Helen Davies   [ updated 17 Jun 2016, 07:52 ]

Here are a selection of photos from events held this week to promote a enjoying a healthy balanced diet. They boys have tried a British cheese tasting quizz, tasty Indian snacks, bread tasting as well as fruit and vegetable pick and mix platters and delicious and colourful smoothies. They have learned the importance of drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated as well. 

Thanks to Mrs Nott for coordinating this and for our wonderful catering staff who have provided us with all these inspiring treats.    

Healthy Eating Week


Indian Snacks for Bushcrafting boys .....

posted 17 Jun 2016, 07:41 by Helen Davies

Year 5 Bushcrafters are not missing out on Healthy Eating Week - here they are trying out different Indian snacks at break time ....
Year 5 Bushcrafters are not missing out on Healthy Eating Week - here they are trying out different Indian snacks at break time ....

The Travelling Book Fair ...

posted 17 Jun 2016, 07:30 by Helen Davies

The Travelling Book fair made its annual visit to CCJB yesterday. 
Each class had a session to browse the books and then parents were able to join them at the end of the day.
Many parents took advantage of the buy 3 and get the cheapest free offer and our days takings finished at £2072.12 which equates to over £1100 commission for us to spend on new books for the library !! We look forward to welcoming you to the library open morning in September for you to admire our new selection....

Travelling Book Fair


Digging up potatoes with Year 3 .....

posted 15 Jun 2016, 05:50 by Helen Davies

Year 3 had great fun today harvesting their potatoes that they had been growing as part of their Science topic this year. The boys used their maths lesson today to weigh and measure their crops which were varieties called Rocket and Rudolf. The boys were amazed by the range of weight from 95g - 8g for and the individual length range of 4.5cm to 52cm ! Rocket produced the most heavy crop of potatoes tipping the scales at 700 grams while Rudolf weighed in with a 300g crop ....
The potatoes were then cooked and shared out equally per boy and EVERYONE decided they were delicious !   

Year 3 Potatoes

Swimming Gala season!

posted 13 Jun 2016, 11:55 by ridgeway weblog

Swimming Gala season starts with a great Year 5 event:

Vikings at school ....

posted 13 Jun 2016, 05:06 by Helen Davies

Check out the Year 3 page link below for more photos of our Viking day .......

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