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posted 14 May 2018, 07:42 by Helen Davies

On Friday evening, the excitement levels were at fever pitch in Year 2 as the boys awaited the arrival of their Dads for our annual "Lads and Dads, Books and Bushcraft event". The idea behind the event is to promote reading for pleasure by engaging with Dads (or Grandads, Uncles, cousins) to provide positive male reading role models with the home environment.

Once everyone had arrived and been served with a beer, we started the evening with an introduction from Mr Bushcraft aka Mr Leuzinger who set the lads and Dads a group challenge to create a shelter that would protect the whole group from rain and wind using a tarpaulin, some ropes and anything they could find in the school grounds! There were some ingenious creations and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and keep themselves safe and warm.  

Then the classes split with one group enjoying the delights hot dogs that had been cooked over the campfire (why does it always taste so much more delicious ??) whilst the other class enjoyed sharing some books with their Dads on the terrace and grounds. They switched over before we ended the evening with the traditional delicious campfire favourite : s'mores! Several Dads savoured this delicacy for the first time and everyone agreed it was a perfect way to round off our evening with sticky faces and smoky fingers and a desire to read more together! 

Yr2 Lads and Dads Books and Bushcraft

Year 2 at the Living Rainforest

posted 11 May 2018, 07:33 by Helen Davies

The Living Rainforest

A trip to see Tutankhamun's tomb ....

posted 27 Apr 2018, 03:55 by Helen Davies

A trip back to Ancient Egypt ...

Year 1 take a trip to Chessington

posted 27 Apr 2018, 01:49 by Helen Davies


1G Luau

posted 19 Apr 2018, 01:31 by Helen Davies

1G Luau !

Lads and Dads, Books and Bushcraft March 2018

posted 27 Mar 2018, 01:12 by Helen Davies

Lads and Dads Books and Bushcraft Yr5 2018

Year 5 Lads and Dads - keep the date free

posted 13 Mar 2018, 07:24 by Helen Davies

Boys and Bushcraft Yr 5 2017

Year 5 & 6 Charity Sales

posted 5 Mar 2018, 03:54 by Helen Davies   [ updated 5 Mar 2018, 03:56 ]

Charity Sales Yr 5


Charity sale Yr 6

Please click on the Year 4 page for some photos from their Charity Sale ...


Chinese New Year

posted 20 Feb 2018, 00:49 by Helen Davies

Chinese New Year

A visit to the Natural History Museum

posted 9 Feb 2018, 07:36 by Helen Davies

Natural History Museum 2018

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