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Lego Club

posted 30 Jun 2015, 07:19 by Helen Davies   [ updated 30 Jun 2015, 07:42 ]

The ever popular Lego Club boys have recently enjoyed some Lego fun both indoors and out...they particularly enjoyed building their own house that was then joined with others to create a Lego town !!!!  

Lego Club

A Sports Day - Well Run by All!

posted 28 Jun 2015, 14:32 by ridgeway weblog

View our gallery of Sports Day photos here:

Wanted .... new librarians ...

posted 25 Jun 2015, 02:59 by Helen Davies

Librarian Interviews


posted 23 Jun 2015, 07:29 by Helen Davies

Extreme Reading

Cooling off on a hot Summer's day...

posted 19 Jun 2015, 11:44 by ridgeway weblog   [ updated 19 Jun 2015, 11:52 ]

Year 3 Swimming Gala fun...

And Year 4...

Reading Fun at the Travelling Book Fair !

posted 18 Jun 2015, 05:12 by Helen Davies

Travelling Book Fair

Year 3 and the Potato Extravaganza !!!!

posted 17 Jun 2015, 04:00 by Helen Davies

Combining Science and Maths in an outdoor setting, Year 3 have been amazed with their potato harvest today. They have been growing them for several months as part of their Science topic this year and have been using all their practical maths skills to estimate and then weigh and measure their crop.

The Rudolph variety (red skinned of course!) yielded 1kg 50g but the Rocket tipped the scales at 1kg 100g !!!! 

Year 3 and their potato harvest

Year 6 Bushcraft Day ...

posted 17 Jun 2015, 00:48 by Helen Davies   [ updated 17 Jun 2015, 01:00 ]

Click on the link to the Year 6 page to see more of the Year 6 adventures ....

Year 3 have lots of fun on their Outward Bound Day...

posted 16 Jun 2015, 01:52 by Helen Davies

Outward Bound at Dinton Pastures for Year 3

There's a Viking at my School.....!!!

posted 16 Jun 2015, 01:30 by Helen Davies

No, not Sigurd the Viking from the books by Jeremy Strong but a "real" Viking ...... the Year 3 boys and girls have been transported back to Viking times and learned all about the stories and traditions in a hands on experience ....


Click on the year 3 link for more photos from the day....

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