[LFD-MPI] (made available soon)

[SSC4Cloud environment]

The SSC4Cloud (Secure Service Composition for Cloud) environment is an integrated solution to provide collaborative modeling support considering security requirements and to deploy them automatically in the cloud with the needed security enforcement.

The figure presented below is a screenshot of the SSC4Cloud Editor, which is composed by three views: business, service and security views. Each view provides support the the functional, service and security modeling activities.

Additional information about SSC4Cloud is available here.

  • Sec-MoSC (2009)

Sec-MoSC (Security for Model-oriented Service Composition) is an approach to incorporate security requirements into service composition, map security requirements into executable configurations and to support this enforcement.

In this approach, service compositions are expressed using BPMN business processes (which are then translated to WS-BPEL processes to enable its execution) and security requirements are expressed by using three core concepts: NF-Attribute, NF-Action and NF-Statement.

A screenshot of the Sec-MoSC Editor is presented below. This figure is divided into three main areas. The palette on the right includes BPMN shapes (Task, Predicate and Data Object) and security shapes (NF-Attributes represented as cloud and NF-Actions as solid rectangle) used in the graphical modelling. The modelling area in the centre contains the business process and security definitions. The property area shows the properties of a particular security shape (e.g., Encryption Type).

More information about Sec-MoSC is available here.