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Brief description of the Croton-Harmon school district:

Located in Westchester County, the village of Croton-on-Hudson is 33 miles north of New York City. The school district's 15,000 residents live in the five-square-mile village as well as in parts of the towns of Cortlandt and Yorktown. Approximately 1,700 students will attend Croton-Harmon Union Free School District this year at either the Carrie E. Tompkins elementary school, the Pierre Van Cortlandt middle school, or the Croton-Harmon high school.

The district offers a wide variety of learning approaches and programs. This enables our students to reach their full potential, develop the habits of mind and social skills necessary to become lifelong learners, and be able to contribute positively to society. Learning expectations are defined in written form at each grade level and subject area so both students and parents know what to anticipate. Traditional standardized tests, performance-based tests, and individual student portfolios are all used to measure a student's accomplishments.

The district provides a full complement of support services at each of the three schools to ensure that all student needs are met. Providers include guidance counselors, psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, reading specialists, ENL teachers, physical therapist, sign-language interpreter, parent trainers and special education teachers. A wide array of other learning experiences are also available, including athletics, internships, clubs, and workshops. A vibrant after-school program with classes in science, languages, chess drawing, tae kwon do, and much more is available to elementary school children. A privately run before-and-after-school daycare program is available at the elementary level. A middle school program provides age-appropriate after-school care along with enrichment classes. An extensive adult education program features courses in computers, cooking, art, fitness, and foreign languages, among many others.

Parents and community members are involved in school activities as volunteers in the schools and on advisory committees that tackle such issues as long-range planning, wellness, the athletic program, and the arts. A Building Planning Council in each school plays a significant role in the process of decision making that focuses on the needs of each school and has teacher, parent, and student representatives. The school district serves as a gathering place not only for students and parents but also for community members who use the buildings for a variety of events.