CHHS Guidance

CHHS Guidance and School Counseling Department


Welcome to the Guidance Dept. at Croton-Harmon High School!

The mission of the Guidance and School Counseling Department is to meet the academic, social-emotional, and post-secondary needs of our students. The resources we have collected here are designed as a ready reference to assist and support students through their time at CHHS and in transitioning to the post-secondary plan. Please contact your school counselor for personal support.

Croton School Counselors and other Guidance Personnel are available for consultation and to help you! Please reach out to your school counselor or preferred provider via email and they will email or schedule a personal call with you.

CHHS Guidance Directory

Counselor Connection

Kirby Mosenthal, School
ZOOM MEETING LINK for Ms. Mosenthal
Tanya Thibideau, School
ZOOM MEETING LINK for Mrs. Thibideau
Zoha Nadeem, School

Marlene Ratliff, Guidance
Mark Maxam, Assistant Principal and Director of
Allison Millen, Student Assistance

Leandra Ramirez, School
Eric Rosen, School

Who to contact:

  • Email Marlene Ratliff, Guidance Secretary, regarding: Transcripts and grade reports, Infinate Campus Portal, Education Verification, general guidance questions

  • Email your school counselor for: College application difficulties, School Counseling, Schedule requests, Graduation questions, questions about future school years, College information, College Testing information, social-emotional concerns

  • For social-emotional concerns or requests for social-emotional or substance abuse counseling, email your preferred provider: School Psychologist Eric Rosen, School Psychologist Leandra Ramirez, or Student Assistance Counselor Allison Millen

  • For administrative support, email Mark Maxam, Assistant Principal