Classroom Rules and Procedures

Mr.Benomar’s Classroom Policies and Procedures

Foreign Languages Department


Office Hours: Need extra help? Make an appointment please.

Course Description:

In this course you will participate in communication-based activities daily. You will learn Spanish in a multi-cultural context.

Typical Routine:

    1. A warm up or graded mini-quiz will be given at the beginning of the period, so students are expected to get to work as soon as the bell rings to begin class.
    2. New concepts will be introduced through student-centered activities, discussions, and lectures.
    3. Completing the daily assignments is critical to success in this class!
    4. Periodically, projects will be assigned to help summarize learning.
    5. The class period ends with an exit slip.

Grading Scale:

It should be noted that you earn your grade. I do not round up grades. If you want an “A” you must earn a 90%.

Your grade will be based on your performance in the following categories:

Homework/Class work: 25%

Tests, quizzes, finals: 50%

Participation: 25%

Attendance Policy:

If you are absent YOU are responsible for securing any missed work. Come talk to me as soon as possible please. You will have two school days per absence to complete and turn in any missed assignments. Late work will not be accepted!

Also, if the bell rings before you enter the classroom you are considered Tardy and must go to the front office. Every two tardies lead to a guided study.

Procedures Important to this class:

  • RESPECT: Your teacher will show you respect, and he will help you learn Spanish. However, if your behavior is unsafe, or prevents other students from learning, you will be asked to change that behavior. If the teacher feels that you are still behaving disrespectfully, then the following steps will be implemented:

Step 1: Teacher has a private discussion with the student, and clarifies exactly what behavior(s) is/are unsafe or disrespectful. Explicit instructions will be given as to how the student should modify their behavior, in order to avoid step 2.

Step 2: If problem behavior continues, contact will be made with the student’s parent or guardian, and a timeline to clear the infraction will be agreed to. If the behavior is unsafe, or disrupts the learning environment, guided study may be assigned.

Step 3: Referral will be made to the Learning Guidance Facilitator, and all parties (teacher, parent/guardian, and student) will agree upon a performance contract. Failure to live up to the contract will result in additional detentions and/or suspension from class.

    • Cell phone/Music device policy:
      • 1. Students will only use appropriate educational applications on their device as determined by the teacher.

2. Students are not to call, text message, email, post to social networks, or electronically communicate with others from their personal device, including other students, parents, guardians, friends, and family unless it is part of classroom instruction.

3. No one is allowed to record or take pictures of anyone without their consent.

    • Stay in your assigned seat at all times, unless I specifically state that an activity requires moving from your seat. You will have various groups and partners in this class. I do not want you to work consistently with the same person/people. I will be forming different groups and changing everyone’s seat on a regular basis. Get used to it and learn to go with the flow!

    • Weekly Packets: You will be given a series of classwork and homework assignment throughout the week. The assignments will all be due on Friday of the same week. They must be completed, numbered and submitted in order and on time.
    • Outside passes are given at teacher’s discretion. You must ask to use the restroom in Spanish and at an appropriate time during the class period. Polite ways to ask to use the restroom “¿Puedo ir al servicio por favor?” or “¿Me permite ir al baño por favor?”
    • It should be stated and understood that cheating will not be tolerated.
    • No candy, food, gum or drinks! Throw away any snacks prior to entering the classroom in outside trashcans. You may bring water to class.
    • We will straighten the desks and pick up any trash off the floor at the end of each class period. This will be a part of our daily routine.
    • We are a team in this class. This means that no put-downs will be tolerated!
    • When class is nearing an end, do not wait by the door. You will be dismissed from class by your teacher, not by the bell.

I am looking forward to working together and having a good academic year.