Select Choir 2018-19

Fall/Winter Schedule:

9/11/18- Village Ceremony - 6:30-7:15

MUM Order Forms DUE September 21, 2018!

10/20/18 - Star Spangled Banner for Erie Canal Run - 10am - Legion.

11/1/18 - CHS Fall Concert - 6:30PM

11/3/18 - St. Paul's Holiday Bazzar (Chittenango) - 11:00PM - 12:00PM.  Meet there at 10:45AM

11/23/18 - Hanover Square/City Hall - Syracuse - 6PM - DRESS WARM! - bus leaves at 5pm. Return by 8:00pm

12/5/18 - CHS Holiday Concert

12/6/18 - Women's Business Luncheon - Formal. Leave at 12:00, sing from 12:30-12:45, back by 1pm.

12/8/18 - FORMAL: Chitt. Child Care Concert @ Marshall Farms - 9:30-10:30. Leave CHS at 9:00am. Holidays in the City (Armory Square - "The Rail Line") from 12-1pm. Back at CHS by 1:30.

12/13/18 - Clear Path/Remembrance Tree Ceremony. Leave CHS @ 5:45pm, return by 7:15pm. DRESS WARMLY!

12/19/18: Leave CHS at 9am - FORMAL - VA Hospital 10am, Eldercare in Syracuse at 1:30. Bring $$ for Lunch.

12/20 -Leave CHS at 7:45: CMS Assembly at 8:20-9:00, Maple Downs Retirement home at 10am, Eastside at 10:45, LUNCH (Bring $$), 12:15 Rotary Luncheon/Clear Path, Bridgeport Assembly at 1:05. Return to CHS by 2:15. FORMAL.

12/20 - LION'S CLUB @ Theodore's. FORMAL. Leave at 7:15pm. Sing from 8-8:30. Back to CHS by 9pm.

12/21 - Bolivar Road Assembly - FORMAL. Leave at 12:30. Sing from 1 - 1:30. 9th Period Caroling!


5/8 - Spring Concert

5/31 - OZSTRAVAGANA! - Meet at the park at 4:30. Sing at 5pm

6/14 - Bridgeport Days - TBA

2018-2019 Repertoire
SongSeasonApprox. Due Date
America the BeautifulFallTue, Sep 11
By The Boab TreeFallTue, Sep 11
Star SpangledFallTue, Sep 11
Joy to the WorldWinterWed, Sep 19
Away in a MangerWinterFri, Sep 21
Hark!WinterMon, Sep 24
O Come All YeWinterMon, Sep 24
Good KingWinterTue, Sep 25
God RestWinterThu, Sep 27
There's Still my JoyWinterMon, Oct 1
What ChildWinterMon, Oct 1
Silent NightWinterWed, Oct 3
Angels We Have HeardWinterFri, Oct 5
RequiemFallWed, Oct 10
Rewrite the StarsFallWed, Oct 10
Jingle BellsWinterFri, Oct 12
Christmas IsWinterMon, Oct 15
We Wish YouWinterTue, Oct 16
First NowellWinterThu, Oct 18
Hallelujah!WinterMon, Oct 22
Mary Did You Know?WinterMon, Oct 22
Deck the HallWinterWed, Oct 24
Run, RudolphWinterWed, Oct 24
O Holy NightWinterFri, Oct 26
We Are LightsWinterFri, Oct 26
Angel BreathingWinterTue, Oct 30

Select Choir: Rules and Responsibilities

Please remember that this group is a Top-Rated Vocal Ensemble; we need to practice in order to succeed. These rules are to ensure that you have the best experience possible while at the same time adding to the prestige of the group.


1.We rehearse every other day during 2nd period as well as the first 10th period of the week. Lateness to class will not be tolerated. Missing more than 15 minutes of a rehearsal is considered “missing” a rehearsal.7 missed rehearsals will result in probation (see below).

2.Most “out of school” gigs will be announced 2 weeks in advance. Once you have committed to a gig, you are expected to attend. Missing a gig will result in immediate probation. Similarly, if you are late for the announced warm-up time/bus departure for a gig, you will not be allowed to perform.

3.Rehearsal etiquette:

•Please be prepared with a pencil and your music at each rehearsal. “I forgot my pencil” is not an acceptable excuse at this level.

•Do not talk when directions are being given.  We only have a short amount of time and it is wasted when directions need to be repeated.

•No gum/candy, of course! :)



-Practice/Preparedness (including sectionals) 75%

-Section Leader will announce sectionals. You are expected to attend at least 75% of them. Section Leaders will report attendance. Every effort will be made to schedule sectionals around non-core classes; however, sometimes this is unavoidable. You are responsible for any work that is missed in the class. Similarly, you will not be missing the same class every time.

- YOU MUST PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN as well as with others.

- When a section of the music is rehearsed in school, you are expected to review it at home. I do not like to constantly review previously taught material.

-Musical “Tests” 25%

Tests will be announced in advance. Students may be asked to play/sing his or her part individually or in small groups. Tests WILL be memorized (including musicians).

Tests will be graded as follows: “+” = 100% (Excellent),

“OK” = 80% (Good),“-” = 60% (Needs Improvement)

Any “retests” are at my discretion and must be done in a timely manner.

Any student whose grade falls below an 85% may also be placed on probation.

5. Probation:

-Students placed on probation will not be allowed to rehearse until a meeting is planned with the student, the parents and myself. Students may be asked to perform for a “rehearing” at this meeting.

- The future of the student in the choir may be discussed.

6. Fundraiser participation is up to the student and parents. When fundraising, all money raised will be applied to the student’s “choir” account. This money may be used for trip payments or outfit payments. After graduation, any remaining money in your account will be moved in to the general fund unless you have a sibling joining the choir.

7.Once outfits/trip payments have been made, I am unable to give a refund if your circumstances change (such as removal from the group, change in plans on our trip dates…)

8. Football games: Please note the dates of the home games The President and Vice-President will coordinate singers. All voice parts must be represented at each game. Everyone is expected to perform at least 2 games.

9.You must remain academically eligible in order to participate in this ensemble.

10.Please contact me personally via one of the methods on the contact page if there is a concern. DO NOT relay a message through another choir member.

11. 10th periods are NOT optional and cannot be “made up” – we need to do this together in order for it to be successful.

In general, please be aware that we are all in this group together; please do not be afraid to ask for help. I guarantee that you will get the most from your experience with this group if you put forth the effort. I also guarantee that you will have a great time and enjoy making music together. Please seek the assistance of your section leader, officers or myself if any questions arise.

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