ATTENTION!!! This is an official post for completing work for the rest of the year in my class!!! 

2) Be sure that you have logged into IXL in order for your work to count. I am linking to the Clanton Middle School IXL login page here. I have found one IXL activity per week that will cover some important standards that several students were still struggling with. Some of you may have completed one or more of these as your chosen activity either for the fourth nine weeks or for AR points throughout the year. If so, check and be sure that your score was at least a 90. I am requiring that an assignment earn at least a 90 in order to count because the one activity is your work for an entire week.

                    Week 1 - 7-A.1            Week 2 - 7-K.3            Week 3 - 7-K.4            Week 4 - 7-Y.7            Week 5 - 7-N.3            Week 6 - 7-S.1

3) You are welcome to receive help from someone on these, and please feel free to email me at or call me at my Google Voice number, 205-286-8254, for help as well or if you need me for anything. You may work ahead if you would like. Once you have earned at least a 90 on all six activities, you are done for the year for my class.

4) Be sure to keep a close watch on Google Classroom in your other classes as well. I am attaching a sheet here on how to access Google Classroom from home.

I love you guys, and I miss you. Please keep me up to date and let me know that you are doing well!

Most of the assignments will be posted in Google Classroom, so your best bet is to go there first for access to the documents you will compose and assignments you will complete.

This reading and writing course is done in a way that teaches real-world skills as well, giving you a job and having you make daily decisions based on the information you are given.

Throughout this class, one large goal we will work towards is to better your typing skills so that your compositions become easier to put together. Use the free typing course at to do this.

This writing course is done in a dystopian societal simulation in which you act as a rebel acting against the out-of-control government. Use it to learn several writing skills in advanced detail.

As we finish stories and compositions, we will begin to post them to our class blog. Go there to view posts made by earlier classes.