Strengthen your body and resilience through traditional karate training
enjoying the lasting friendships you develop along the way.

Training is self paced, family friendly and fun. Students experience a traditional martial arts environment with Japanese terminology and a sensible level of discipline. Chikara Budo encourages sharing of martial art styles with visits by students from other martial art clubs most frequently from the Traditional Japanese Karate Network (TJKN).

Our students are encouraged to extend themselves through tournaments, inter-club training sessions and seminars. Cost details and online payments can be found on the member's page.

Grading bow-in

We look forward to seeing you at training. Our West Beach Dojo has hosted the Australian Traditional Karate Championships again this year and have also hosted joint training sessions with other clubs with our fellow karate clubs in the Traditional Karate Network (TJKN) Member students continue to participate with other TKJN joint training sessions and the International Budo Federation (IBF)training sessions. We will endeavor to keep the club calendar up to date so keep checking it.

We had some great training days at the beach in 2015 and there are sure to be some more in 2016 when some hot days come up. When the temperature is forecast to be 36 degrees or above head straight to beach in front of the public toilets near the West Beach Surf Life Saving club.  We will train on the beach and in the water so wear bathers under your Gi.

Training is Monday and Thursday from 6:30pm at West Beach Dojo. Full details of dates and times can be found on the club calendar

Welcome to any new students that come along to try out training with us - try to come a little early to class to have a chat with the instructor about what to expect in the class and set some goals for yourself.

Existing students should also remember to set goals for themselves and don't forget to ask your Sensei for "homework" to help you achieve those goals. Make sure to get class 15 minutes early to give time to warm up and catch up with your fellow students before training.