CHS Community Service

Community Service Requirements:

Every student attending a Douglas County School is required to fulfill a 20 hour community service requirement outside of their home and family environment in order to graduate. Any activity that meets the following guidelines is acceptable. All hours must be documented on a DCSD Community Service Documentation form, completely and legibly, to be processed. All hours documented will be noted on the student’s transcript. Community Service Documentation Form  (DCSD Documentación de servicio comunitario) may be downloaded with this link or hard copies are available in the counseling office.

Seniors: Community Service hours are due Tuesday, April 1, 2025 by noon.



 Not Acceptable:

*Any student who is lacking transportation and would like information about service opportunities at school or as any questions about graduation requirements should contact  their counseling department.*

Community Documentation Form 

DCSD Documentación de servicio comunitario

There are unlimited opportunities to volunteer.
Listed below are just a few of the resources to help you find opportunities to complete your community service hours.
These are not endorsements but suggestions of resources or non-profits that are in good standing-

o   Volunteer Match (

o   Douglas County Libraries

o   Goodwill Parker, 303.840.1004

o   Town of Parker Volunteers

o   Food Bank of the Rockies

o   Praying Hands Ranches, Inc

o   Habitat for Humanity

A Haven for Heroes

o  SECOR – SE Community Outreach and Food Market 

o   Your Faith organization

o   Dumb Friends League

o   The Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals

o   Special Events at an Elementary School

o   Special Events at Chaparral

o   Youth Sports Camp through Chap

o   Spirit 4 the Seasons (

o   Aging Resources of Douglas County (

o   Douglas Land Conservancy (

o   Town of Castle Rock (

o   Parker Task Force (

o   Zuma’s Rescue Ranch (

o   Schweiger Ranch (

o   Stone Canyon Outdoor EdVentures through DCSD (contact Ryan Southard at

Questions? Need help? See Mrs. Echer in the Counseling Office


Lettering in Community Service Information & Applications

The application deadline for Community Service Lettering is March 25, 2025 at noon.  

If you have a completed application, please deliver it to the counseling office or 

scan and email it to Lauri Echer at