AP Late Testing - May 2024

2-D Art & Design: Graphic, 2-D Art and Design: Photog, 3-D Art & Design: Ceramics, 3-D Art & Design: Jewelry ,Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Chinese Language/Culture, Computer Sci A, Environmental Science, French Language/Culture, Human Geography, Language and Composition, Language and Composition, Literature & Composition, MACROeconomics, MICROeconomics, Physics 1: Algebra-Based, Physics C - Mechanics, Psychology, Spanish Language/Culture, US Government and Politics, US History, Drawing

Please see the 2024 AP Exam Schedule below (not all courses are offered at Chaparral High School)

2024 AP Exam Late

What Are Advanced Placement Courses?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are courses that meet a prescribed syllabus developed by the College Board.  These courses represent college level study and prepare students to take an examination in May.  The examination is scored on a 1-5 basis.  Scores of "3" or higher are considered "qualifying" scores by the College Board.  Colleges typically consider AP courses favorably when making admissions decisions.  In addition, based on each college's policy, students can earn:

Individual college policies differ, and often individual departments within the same college may have different policies.  There are some colleges which give placement only, and some colleges which afford no recognition.  While a "3" is the recommended score by the College Board, there are a few instances where a "2" may be recognized, and other instances in which a "4", or even a "5" is required.  Check with individual colleges for their policies or with the College Board credit policy information list.

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