The Wildcat Den Preschool

Welcome to Cypress Wood's Wildcat Den Preschool!

The Wildcat Den Preschool is currently full for the 2021-2022 school year. Please email the director if you are interested in putting your child's name on the waitlist.

About Our Preschool:

The Wildcat Den is apart of a laboratory learning classroom for juniors and seniors at Cypress Woods High School. High school students involved in this class are able to have a hands on experience in learning how to become an early childhood educator. These students have a passion for teaching children and are eager to provide the best care possible for every preschooler in the program.

A benefit to being apart of this specific preschool program is that we have a very low ratio of children-to-teachers, giving us the opportunity to utilize both large and small group activities that keep the preschoolers engaged and make learning fun. This also helps us meet each of these little ones where they are developmentally (social/emotional and academic/cognitive) and move them to the next level, as we get them closer to being ready for Kindergarten, one step at a time.

The preschool is a center-based classroom, which supports hands-on discovery and exploration as children learn through play. A center-based classroom environment crosses learning domains so that the preschoolers are exposed to science, math, social/emotional skills, and literacy throughout the day. We also incorporate gross motor (big muscles) and fine motor (smaller muscles – like fingers and hands) development through large group music and movement, as well as free play on the playground. Finally, the preschool uses the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) curriculum to help preschoolers work on handwriting readiness.