Bison of the Month

For this school year, we are introducing something new called “Bison of the Month.” For each month of the school year, there will be one boy and one girl per grade level selected as Bison of the Month. These students are selected by the teachers and are responsible, respectful, hard-working, honest, kind, and stand up against bullying (defenders). The students selected will have their picture posted on a bulletin board and will get to have a special lunch with Mrs. Lundvall.

September 2019 Bison of the Month


Graham Reardon

Emma Schmidt

Max Glennon

Lily Tate

Parker Watts

Khloee Ortega

Lance Clark

JaceLynn Borrego

Jacob Isum

Ana Lopez

Jax Besler



Bridger Klindt

Jayden Blakely