SAGA Yearbook

Welcome to SAGA, North's award-winning Yearbook.  Please use this website as a guide to all Yearbook related materials.  As a paperless district, Clarkstown is committed to conserving and saving resources. As such, you will not receive fliers or mailers from North's Yearbook.  You may occasionally receive information in the mail from our publisher, Herff Jones, or the school's photographer, Beth Capuano Photography. Students should listen to the announcements in school and read the signs which explain important dates and Yearbook opportunities.  Hopefully, this website will answer any questions you might have, but if it doesn't, please contact us!
Mrs. Allison Stein-Jackter (
Mr. Ron Wolfson (

SAGA is committed to providing the Yearbook staff with a hands on, real world business experience.  The students run the show-they make layout decisions, they call vendors, they contact students whose photos are missing, they meet the deadlines, and they are in charge.  We are happy to facilitate this amazing, unique, learning experience.

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