This site will provide useful links to homework, vocabulary, grammar, class handouts and other helpful resources. It is a work in progress, so new elements may be added throughout the year. 

Contact Information: The best way to contact me is through e-mail at lbrown2 [at] ccsd.edu* - I check my e-mail frequently. You can also call me on Google Voice Number 845-535-1060 and leave a message with a number where you can best be reached. When you do, I will get an email that plays your message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Extra Help: Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3:40 to 4:10 and by appointment.

*In order to reduce the amount of SPAM the district receives, "clickable" e-mail addresses are not posted on our website. For the address listed above, please replace "at" with "@" and remove the spaces.

The following are links that may be useful to you this year. 
Your Quia username and password will be given to you by me:

Quia Web Site:
http://www.quia.com/web  Use your QUIA username and password to log onto QUIA. If you forgot or lost your QUIA username and password, e-mail me. Use Quia for vocabulary and grammar practice. Take assigned quizzes on QUIA to help practice for assessments!

Quizlet Web Site: 
http://www.quizlet.com If you already have a quizlet username, you need to look for my class using quizlet's search function. For example, if you are in my period 2 7th grade class, you would enter in the search bar "period 2 - 7th grade", look for me in the search results and request to join the class. Once you do that, I will admit you into the class. Make sure that you write down your username and password and keep it in a safe place because I cannot help you look it up, unlike in the QUIA web site.

Spanish Dictionary: This site provides a dictionary and verb conjugator as well as other good resources.

Verb Conjugator:
http://www.spanish.heinle.com/verbconjugator/ This web site will conjugate any Spanish verb in any tense.

Spanish Resources for Different Levels:
http://www.123teachme.com This website offers free resources for kids learning Spanish including games and activities for vocabulary, videos, and cultural information.