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I am currently an assistant professor in theĀ Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics at Case Western Reserve University.

My research interests are in mathematical biology, scientific computing, and computational fluid dynamics. The goal of my research is to develop mathematical models and computational methods for problems in cell biology. Chemical reactions, diffusion, mechanics, complex fluids, and immersed structures play an important role in the model systems that I work on. The resulting model equations are nonlinear partial differential equations with moving boundaries. A major direction of my research involves designing and implementing numerical algorithms for simulating such equations. The particular focus of my research is on developing mathematical models of intracellular biochemistry and mechanics and computational methods for simulating these models.



Spring 2019

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Office: 242 Yost Hall
Phone: (216) 368-5462
Fax: (216) 368-5163

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Case Western Reserve University
Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
10900 Euclid Avenue-Yost Hall Room 231
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