Introductory Lesson: An overview of sociolinguistics

(Versión en español)

A short introduction to basic concepts of Sociolinguistics, and the role of prescriptive organizations like the Real Academia Española. 

Lección preliminar: La sociolingüística

(English version)

Breve introducción a los conceptos básicos de la sociolingüística, y el papel de instituciones prescriptivas como la Real Academia Española.

Alfabetos ilegales, alfabetos imaginados

Critical look at writing systems and how they encode language ideologies.

El corrido “El deportado”

Overview of the historical context of Mexican-American immigration and deportation; study of how regional variation in language is used in a popular artistic medium to communicate identity and show solidarity.

Spanish as a second language in popular culture

Study of attitudes towards Spanish and language learning by examining on-line media (video and user comments).

La historia del español

The study of the origin of the Spanish language; recognition of the impact of bilingualism in the history of the language and its varieties. Validation of the use of its many varieties.

Gramática intuitiva

The study of linguistic prescriptivism and descriptivism; a reflexion on how linguistic prescriptivism influences language ideologies and our attitudes about our own and others’ usage.

La resistencia a través de la música 

This unit of three lessons uses music to teach history, culture, and linguistic variation of Latin America and the U.S.