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1. Please fill out this quick Google Form! We will use this information to help pass along college, scholarship and career information.   https://forms.gle/KVeixeWfCWf1MiXB7

2. Need information on Senior Events including scholarships?  

Course Catalog   <--Click to access the CHS Course Catalog

Enrollment Announcement:

During 2019-2020 Enrollment Presentations the week of January 28th, students will be receiving a packet of information, which they are encouraged to take home and go over with parents. In order to offer parents and students access to the enrollment information through a variety of resources, this year we are sharing the attached Google Slides presentation so that you can see the information that we will be sharing with students during these enrollment presentations. We have included notes below each slide to clarify details that we go over with the students verbally. (Be sure that "Show Speaker Notes" is selected under the "View" tab in the Google Slides toolbar.)

Infinite Campus Course Registration Tutorial  (The dates mentioned in this tutorial will be from a previous year, but the enrollment process remains the same.)

Did You Miss Enrollment Presentations?
1. Pick up an Enrollment Packet from the Counselors' Office. Packets are available at the high school and junior high school. 

2. Log into Infinite Campus and click on the 19-20 Course Registration tab.  This tab will be available on Infinite Campus through February 11th (current 9th-11th graders) or 13th (current 8th graders). 

3.  On February 21st, students will receive a print out report of the courses requested for the 2019-2020 school year.  Parents/guardians should sign this report and return it to school. (Students & parents can hand write changes to requests on this report.)

4. The report students receive on February 21st, is NOT the student's schedule.  It is simply a listing of classes that the student would like to have in his/her schedule. 
5. Students MUST return the signed request sheet to your advisory teacher by February 26th.

2019 Seniors: We Need Your Information! 
Please click on this link and fill out the "CHS Senior Class of 2019" Google Form.  https://goo.gl/forms/MOJqT5i55NsNbKXg1

Need College Information? 

Transferring Dual Credit Click to watch tutorial

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