Required Documents

After I have completed online enrollmentwhat information and materials must I bring with me to enroll my student?  

Verification of Identity
 of parent, caregiver, licensed foster agency or group home representative, or California Superior Court-appointed legal guardian

  • Driver’s License (any photo driver’s license  or CA ID Card is permitted) or,
  • passport with photo ID
  • If an agent or representative of social services or foster care agency, appropriate agency identification

Verification of residency
 inside CUSD attendance area 
of parent, licensed foster parent, or California Superior Court-appointed legal guardian. For initial enrollment, parent or guardian must provide two documents from the list below (P.O. Box addresses are NOT accepted)

  • Current mortgage statement or rental agreement
  • An escrow statement followed by verification of closing documents is also acceptable

one of the following utility bills:
  • Current Electric bill
  • Current Gas bill
  • Current Water/sewer bill

Proof of withdrawal
from the previous school/district
 is required upon enrollment (secondary only)

Proof of Age
is required:

  • Official or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, or
  • Current Passport, or  Immigration Certificate

Proof of Immunization Records
are required for certifying up-to-date immunizations for each student. Click here for an explanation of the student health requirements for school entry including TB skin testing, immunizations, and examinations.   Note the new state immunization requirements for students entering Grade 7.

A health checkup (physical examination) is required for all children entering first grade, however, the District encourages parents to obtain the health exam prior to or during the child's kindergarten year. The health exam will qualify if it is done 6 months prior to kindergarten entry or 18 months prior to first grade entry.

Emergency telephone numbers 
are required, including an out-of-state emergency number.

Other Documents and Information:

  1. An academic transcript or report card from your  previous  school.
    (Prior school records will be requested by the school in which your child enrolls.)
  2. For Special Education students: Current or most recent  IEP and Assessments
  3. For GATE (gifted and talented) students: Prior test scores and/or certification forms
  4. For EL (English Learners) Students: a copy of current CELDT scores, if available.