School Messenger

  • Website Login: 
  • Remote Location Calls: requires the following phone number to call in to: (855) 695-9433
  • Login Credentials: Login name is the first part of your CUSD email address. Click on the "Forgot Password?" link on the login screen, and you will be guided through the process of resetting your password.


  1. Parents without Parent Portal Account List - Create a list of parents who have not created a Parent Portal account New!
  2. Not CONFIRMED Portal Accounts - Create a list of parents who have not completed the Data Confirmation process for their Parent Portal account New!
  3. Blocking Phone Number or Email Address
  4. Unblocking Phone Numbers or Email Addresses
  5. Obtaining a Contact History Report 
  6. Changing/Adding Messages for Contacts to Receive 
  7. Sending Messages to Self-Subscriber List in School Messenger
  8. Creating a Community Self-Subscriber List
  9. Update your Default Account Email to NoReply
  10. Creating Reusable Lists for Broadcast Messages - This is the same process used to create lists "on the fly" when using the "New Broadcast" orange button located on the dashboard.
  11. Creating Customized Reusable Lists i.e. Parent Portal -This example demonstrates how to create a list of students and send a message to their parents if they have not yet created a Parent Portal account.
  12. Create Lists with Teacher and Student Contact Data - This explains how to target parents of students in a specific period or class. Example: 5th Grade Students in Mrs. Brown's class who went to Science Camp.
  13. Creating Lists by Teacher Sections (Period and Course) - This explains how to target parents of secondary level students in a specific period and course.
  14. Procedure to Create a File to Upload to School Messenger - This explains how to use AERIES query data in SchoolMessenger in instances where students are in AERIES but inactive, so data has to be manually captured and brought into SchoolMessenger.
  15. Procedure to Create a File for Students Missing TDAP Shot - Used to target specific parents of students who have not yet turned in their TDAP confirmations.
  16. Changing/Adding Messages for Contacts to Receive - Used to manually configure what messages a parent receives. Example: Attendance, General, No email, and Survey.
  17. Manually Adding Temporary or Non-CUSD Contacts - Used to manually create a group of contacts for a specialty group. Example: Non-CUSD employees, Volunteers, or District-wide Music Teachers
  18. Finding Contacts In SchoolMessenger - Used to check contact information for a particular student, estimate how large a certain list will be, or how many students are in the system for a particular school. It is also useful to find a contact who has an invalid phone number.
  19. Updating Existing Contact Data - Update existing phone numbers or email addresses in a Contact Record.
  20. Obtaining a Contact History Report - Used to establish how and when a certain recipient was contacted. Example: Email, phone numbers, and message types.
  21. Viewing broadcast reports and removing subscriber blocks - Recipients can block themselves from receiving messages.  This explains how to reverse this action.




School Messenger
If you need any non-emergency assistance or have any questions, the best way to make contact is to go to the SchoolMessenger Forum by clicking the link below and submitting your request online:

You may also send e-mail to

The hours for Non-emergency Support are
 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Central Time,
Emergency support is available 24/7 at 800.920.3897.