Overview of Gifted Education

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To develop 21st century scholars with unique learning opportunities in a challenging environment that augments academic growth for all gifted students.


To maximize the development of the intellectually gifted learner by providing a learning environment that promotes intellectual challenge. The program is designed to foster self-directed, scholars by encouraging exploration, inquiry, in-depth study, and reflective thinking to create 21st Century learners.


The philosophy of the Gifted Education Program: ENCORE is to recognize the unique emerging needs, talents, and abilities of all identified students. We recognize that gifted students learn in different ways, and come to the educational process with different experiences, and levels of understanding. All gifted students need an educational environment that is positive, challenging, stimulating, individualized and teacher facilitated. They need a curriculum that is designed to meet their creative, social, emotional, developmental, and cognitive needs. We believe in a program that will address the needs of the whole child, encourage active learning, and allow gifted students to develop and appreciate their ability and talents.

Core Values

The Gifted Education Program of Burlington Township recognizes the importance of a well-balanced education. We believe that students learn best when they are engaged in a student-centered, standards-based curriculum which emphasizes hand-on, brains-on, project-based learning.


The Gifted Program of the Burlington Township School District recognizes a set of core beliefs regarding gifted and talented students and their education.

We believe:

    • that early recognition and appropriate educational responses to gifted and talented students are essential
    • that peer grouping is the most effective and efficient means to provide challenging coursework,
    • that students should learn in an environment where their gifts and abilities are acknowledge, valued and nurtured
    • that high expectations inspire continual growth and development.
    • that resilience and adaptability are critical for the 21st century.
    • that potential should never be limited.
    • that there are multiple pathways to success.
    • that providing appropriate programming for gifted and talented students is a responsibility shared by classroom teachers, gifted and talented teachers, administrators, and parents.
    • that learning is a lifelong process.

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