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EES Composition Club

Composition Club is a music technology club for students in grades 3-5 that invites interested students to write music using music notation software and music looping software.   Composition club will meet on Thursdays from 2:50-3:30 January 5th - March 16th. Sign Up Here.

EES Fiddle Club

In collaboration with Young Traditions Vermont EES will be offering a six week fiddle club.  Fiddle club will meet from 3-4 on Tuesdyas in the music room.  Any EES violin or viola player with at least one year of playing experience is invited to participate.

EES 4/5 Chorus 

After a spectacular performance at the COTS Coolest Lunch Event and the COTS Candlelight vigil, the chorus will be on break from rehearsal until after the play. Rehearsals will Resume March 23rd.

February 20-24 is Students Perform Week!
Students Perform Week is a chance for any student to share a prepared song or instrumental piece for their class.  

Successful performances have these qualities
1.  PREPARED: They have been practiced ahead of time and show effort.
2.  TIMELY: 1-3 minutes is usually perfect.
3.  APPROPRIATE:  Song must use school appropriate lyrics and themes.

This is also a chance for students to demonstrate their skills as audience members.

Successful audience members have these qualities:
1. QUIET: Listening to the performance with voices quiet.
2. POLITE: eyes watching, ears listening, bodies still.
3. THANKFUL: clap at the end, share kind words.

Missed last year's Fine Arts Night Concert?  
Check it out here:

Arts Night Finale 2016

3rd Grade Fine Arts Night 2016

4th Grade Fine Arts Night 2016

5th Grade Fine Arts Night 2016

The EES Chorus premier performance was at the Lights on Afterschool event on October 22nd!
Check out their awesome work after only 3 rehearsals!!!

EES 4/5 Chorus: Three Folk Songs

Sa Sa Kro Mani (excerpt)