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EES Music Composition
Congratulations to Isaac Dunkiel whose composition "Road Trip Blues" was selected for live performance by professional musicians at the Opus Concert on Monday, May 15th at the Elley Long Music Center in Colchester.  The concert is at 6:30 and is free and open to the public.  This special event is sponsored by Music-comp.  Check out the amazing mentoring program and performance opportunities for young composers at their WEB site Music-comp.org.

Students Perform Week!
Students Perform Week is a chance for any student to share a prepared song or instrumental piece for their class.  

Successful performances have these qualities
1.  PREPARED: They have been practiced ahead of time and show effort.
2.  TIMELY: 1-3 minutes is usually perfect.
3.  APPROPRIATE:  Song must use school appropriate lyrics and themes.

This is also a chance for students to demonstrate their skills as audience members.

Successful audience members have these qualities:
1. QUIET: Listening to the performance with voices quiet.
2. POLITE: eyes watching, ears listening, bodies still.
3. THANKFUL: clap at the end, share kind words.

Fifth Graders Practice their final song together.

YouTube Video

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Arts Night Finale 2017

Flaherty/Goldsmith, Fitzpatrick and Ide Fung Alafia

Palmer and Houchens Joy to the World

Gillard and Bonanni 2017

Flynn and Styles Arirang

EES 4/5 Chorus