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K-2 Fine Arts Night is 
April 12, 2018
art show at 5:45 pm
The concert begins at 6:15

Meets in the music room Thursday from 2:45-3:30 through March 30th

Students Perform Week!
April 16-20
Students Perform Week is a chance for any student to share a prepared song or instrumental piece for their class.  

Successful performances have these qualities
1.  PREPARED: They have been practiced ahead of time and show effort.
2.  TIMELY: 1-3 minutes is usually perfect.
3.  APPROPRIATE:  Song must use school appropriate lyrics and themes.

This is also a chance for students to demonstrate their skills as audience members.

Successful audience members have these qualities:
1. QUIET: Listening to the performance with voices quiet.
2. POLITE: eyes watching, ears listening, bodies still.
3. THANKFUL: clap at the end, share kind words.

Missed the  Fine Arts Night Concert?  
3-5 Fine Arts Night Concert February 2018

Grand Finale- Hall of Fame by the Script

Check it out here:
Ms. Flynn's, Mrs. Fitzpatrick's, Mrs. Flaherty and Mrs. Goldsmith's Classes:

Sioux Lullaby

Sioux Lullaby

Hey Soul Sister

Mr. Houchen's and Mrs. Palmer's Classes

Hill and Gully Rider

A Boat Across the Ferry

Stand By Me

Mr. Gillard's, Ms. Bonnani's and Mr. Style's Classes


Music Alone Shall Live

When I'm Gone

The 4/5 Chorus

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Gaudeamus Hodie!