Welcome to the Experience & Training Committee!
 Wednesdays 2:30-4:30 PM (except during Board weeks)
Hi, I'm Jacqueline, the Vice President of Experience & Training. I live at Rochdale . Feel free to email me with any and all questions or concerns regarding anything in member education and training (or any board questions) at vpet@bsc.coop

ETCom is the place where all aspects of member education and training gets discussed. Our job is to make sure that as new members and officers come into the BSC, they are ready for their membership responsibilities and feel confident navigating the issues that they will be faced with. Essentially, ETCom is the strategic body that shapes the future of the BSC through education! Below you can find a baseline of our objectives:
  1. Evaluate and modifying as necessary BSC education and training programs for both members and unit-level officers. 
  2. Strive to create programs that strengthen our cooperative values as a non-profit cooperative with the mission of providing low-cost housing to students who otherwise could not afford a college education.
  3. Supporting membership participation in BSC governance.
  4. We are also a source of funding for members interested in organizing programming to further education in the BSC through our ETCom Grant Fund and our delegate, the BSC Programs Board.
  5. The following is within our scope of work: policies/programs regarding disability rules and emergency services, unit-level policies, conduct policies and procedures (by extension) mediation and conflict resolution services, and policies/programs regarding unit-level safety. Essentially anything that involves the unit-level
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