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Odyssey Academy is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Academy providing an interdisciplinary, technology - rich environment that partners with local, regional and national programs to enrich the learning experience.



21st century skills are needed to compete in today's workplace, which is why we have incorporated technology in every core subject at Odyssey Academy.  From podcasting to model designs, creating movies to participating in distance learning opportunities with astronauts, technology is used in a variety of ways to help students make connections from the textbook to the real world.  Technology is one way we bring the world to our students.
Students using specialized measurement devices during a chemistry lab
Leadership is a quality we strive to develop in all of our students.  In the Odyssey setting, students drive the learning by taking leadership roles in the variety of projects, competitions, and activities teams participate in.  Broncobotics is an entirely student-led, student-organized, student-run competition where leadership is key to the team's performance at the regional competition.  At Odyssey Academy, we prepare leaders for their future, one year at a time.

Older Odyssey students mentor younger members during the BEST Robotics Competition
The ability to work with and as a team is a highly desirable skill and trait in all occupations today.  From athletic teams on the field of play to scientific research teams spread across the world, the ability to contribute and communicate as a cohesive team is a skill that is developed over time.  Odyssey Academy teamwork motivates students by allowing them to focus on what they are good at while learning new skills for the future.

 Student teams test a thermal protection system design prior to final rocket design destined for Mars
Odyssey Academy creates, seeks, and helps students identify opportunities to advance themselves in today's world.  Standing on a strong academic foundation and equipped with a desire to learn, students work with scientists, diversify their thinking and develop strategies to solve real-world problems.
 Comparing properties of Moon rocks with Earth samples of similar origins