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Welcome to the WIS Music Department!


  • Trills and Thrills Field Trip forms are due by FRIDAY DECEMBER 20 with deposit or full payment

Current Music Course Offerings

  • 5th Grade - Band, Chorus, Orchestra
  • 6th Grade - Band, Chorus, Orchestra
  • 7th Grade - Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Intro to Orchestra, Intro. to Band
  • 8th Grade - Band, Chorus, Orchestra, General Music

Upcoming Performances

  • 7/8 Band to play with BHS Marching Band at home football game October 25th - See Mrs. Banca or Miss Hartney for details
  • 7/8 Instrumental Winter Concert December 3rd - 7pm at WIS
  • 7/8 Choral Winter Concert December 5th - 7pm at WIS
  • 6th Grade Winter Concert January 9th - 7pm at BHS
  • 5th Grade Winter Concert January 14th - 7pm at BHS
  • 7/8 Instrumental Spring Concert May 19th - 7pm at BHS
  • 7/8 Choral Spring Concert May 18th - 7pm at BHS
  • Trills and Thrills Music Festival - 7/8 Band, 7/8 Chorus, 7/8 Orchestra, Jazz Band, Cantare - May 29th
  • 6th Grade Spring Concert June 1st - 7pm at BHS
  • 5th Grade Spring Concert June 2nd - 7pm at BHS