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Adaptive networks
are networks whose topologies and states dynamically interact and coevolve. Modeling and predicting the dynamics of such networks is now recognized as one of the most significant challenges in network science.

STCAN 2013: NetSci 2013 Satellite Symposium on State-Topology Coevolution in Adaptive Networks solicits theoretical, computational, experimental and/or application-oriented research on any aspects of adaptive networks---either biological, social, or engineered. Its goals are to promote growth of the community on this emerging field of network research, to help develop common conceptual "languages" for modeling, analyzing and discussing the state-topology coevolution of various real-world adaptive networks, and thereby to galvanize interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration across many different areas of applications.

This symposium will be open to all the NetSci 2013 participants. We hope to have active, intellectually stimulating discussions on this cutting-edge area of NetSci!

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