Welcome to Femtosecond Spectroscopy and Smart Energy Laser Lab !

        We perform 
1) experimental research on high intensity, ultrashort laser-matter interactions;
    (harmonic generation and laser filamentation) 

2) theoretical research on laser-matter interactions using numerical simulations;
   (nonlinear Schrodinger equation, carrier-resolved unidirectional pulse propagation equation, 
    and nonlinear envelope equation)
3) research on laser microfabrication of energy storage devices.

Opening: We have openings for graduate and undergraduate students. 
   If you are interested in experimental and computational high-intensity laser matter interaction research, please contact Prof. Bonggu Shim via bshim@binghamton.edu.

[Left to right: Ross, Dorje, Garima, Jack, Dennis, Corey, Bonggu]

We are grateful to our research sponsors