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I teach English 2 and English 3.

You can find a calendar of due dates for both English 2 and English 3 below. Make sure to double-check the calendar you are checking is the correct calendar.

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phone: 281-5636

English 2 Calendar of due dates:

English 3 Calendar of due dates:


All assignments will receive two grades. One grade will be for the academic content of the work. More simply, the first grade is the normal grade of how well you completed the overall requirements of the assignment. The second grade will be for the behaviors associated with the assignment. This means the second grade is for how well you complete the ancillary tasks of the assignment such as turning it in on time, having a complete heading on the paper, and so on.

All students MUST complete every writing assignment in order to be able to pass this course.

Grading Scale:

Grading Categories:

If you need to know what's going on in my class, please read. To track what we are doing, please check the calendar. Make sure you check the appropriate calendar above. It will list all due dates for quizzes and writing assignments.

Every Wednesday is a vocabulary quiz. Click the vocab link in the sidebar for vocabulary words and their definitions.