Cover Contest

The Yearbook Club is conducting its annual cover design contest for the front and back covers of the 2016/17 yearbook!  All submissions will be published in the yearbook; however, only one sixth and one fifth grade design will be selected for the front and back covers. McKelvie students and faculty will vote for their two favorite designs and each winner will receive a free yearbook and their artwork will appear on the front and back covers.

This year's theme is "Explore". Here are the contest guidelines:
  • 8 1/2 x 11 white copy paper (no construction paper) - available in the Guidance Office

  • Portrait orientation only

  • Must be colorful

  • Text should be legible

  • No watercolors

  • Colored pencils, crayons, ink pens, markers

  • May use Google Draw, if desired

    • Note: if using Google Draw, change to Portrait size by using Page Setup, Custom, change size to 8.5 x11

    • Remember to share your drawing with Mrs. Cavanaugh and Mrs. Kelly

  • Must include McKelvie Intermediate School, 2016-2017, and reference to our theme “Explore

  • Small signature at the bottom of your artwork

  • Lightly write your full name and homeroom teacher on the back of your artwork in pencil

  • Submissions should be dropped off in the Guidance Office no later than Friday, December 9th.