Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Stand By Me?

All Ross A. Lurgio seventh graders and their parents or guardians are invited and encouraged to attend.

Do students have to attend?

This is a regular school day for 7th graders; it simply happens off-campus.

If parents choose for a student to not attend Stand By Me, they should contact the front office.

What if parents can’t attend? Does that mean the student can’t go either?

No, students can go with or without their parents.

The goal is for every 7th grader to have at least one parent attend, but if parents can’t go, students can still go.

What do I need to bring with me that day? Do I need my backpack?

No, you do not need to bring anything to Stand By Me unless you are bringing a lunch from home.

Dress comfortably as some of the workshops are hands-on. You’ll also be walking across the campus to get

to workshops, so wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella or raincoat if rain is in the forecast.

How are the speakers chosen for Stand By Me?

Each year parents and students are surveyed in the fall for possible speakers and topics. The committee reviews the survey suggestions and attempts to hire speakers for those topics as well as for topics that have been popular in the past.

How do I register?

When you receive the registration packet, students and parents should both read through the workshop options together and use the registration worksheet in the brochure to remember your preferences. You will register online through the Stand By Me Registration link that Principal Joyce will email directly to 7th grade families on April 10. Parents/Guardians should register all attendees in the family under one account in the online registration system. It is best to register all participants at one time to increase the likelihood you will be in workshops together. If you do not see a specific workshop listed that means it is FULL and you need to make another selection. The workshop may be available in another session.

When is the online registration open?

Registration opens Tuesday April 10 at 6pm, and must be completed by Sunday, April 15th at midnight.

What does it cost?

The cost for this year’s Stand By Me is $20 for each person attending, including students. In addition, you can order lunch during the online registration for $5.00 per person (cheese pizza, turkey wrap or salad, with water or soda included), catered by SNHU. You are also welcome to bring a lunch from home, which you will carry with you until the lunch break.

What if I have a financial hardship, can my family still attend?

Yes. Please contact the guidance office for assistance. All matters will be treated confidentially.

What do I need to complete to be registered?

Your completed online registration will include:

-Payment of registration fee and cost of lunches purchased.

-Electronically signed waiver for Ross A. Lurgio and Southern New Hampshire University

How do student get there? How do parents get there?

Students should come to Lurgio in the morning as they do every day. Students will travel by bus with their homerooms after morning announcements. Parents should go directly to Southern New Hampshire University for 9am check in, please park in lots 12 or 26, directly across from the main entrance.

How do we get home after Stand By Me?

If parents attend, students have the option to go home with them at the end of Stand By Me, or take the bus from SNHU and go home as they normally do at the end of the school day. If parents do not attend, students take the bus back to Lurgio at the end of Stand By Me and then take their regular bus home. You will indicate your choice for the student’s transportation home in the online registration process.

Will parents and students spend the whole day together?

That depends on individual families. There are three types of workshops offered: student only, adult only, and adult/student workshops. The more adult/student workshops you sign up for, the more time parents and students can spend together. To get the most out of this day, we suggest signing up for at least one workshop together and enjoying the lunch break with each other.

How is Stand By Me funded?

Unlike other “project outreach” type programs, Stand By Me is fully funded by parents, businesses and civic organizations in our local community.

How will I know what workshops I’ll be attending?

You and your parents will each receive confirmation of your workshop schedule when online registration is complete. You will also receive a lanyard the morning of Stand By Me with your schedule included. Students will receive theirs at school while parents will receive theirs at SNHU. The earlier you register, the better your chances are of receiving your first choice for workshops. Workshop registration is first come, first served, so you will want to register online as soon as possible.

Additional questions?

More information can be found on our website at Questions can also be directed to the student’s homeroom teacher or to the Stand By Me steering committee at