The Mount Cardigan Environmental Unit is an interdisciplinary, experiential unit of study that exposes Lurgio's 8th graders to academic and personal challenges that result in an overwhelming sense of accomplishment on many levels. For over four decades, Bedford's 8th graders have participated in the Mount Cardigan Environmental Unit. Students attend the trip in campgroups, which consist of the other students and educators in their homerooms. Two Pods are on the mountain at any given time throughout the week; however, the major academic and camping experiences take place as a homeroom.

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Cardigan General Objectives

Cardigan Academic Objectives

Cardigan Equipment and Clothing

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Cardigan 2018 Announced

The 2018 Mount Cardigan Trip will take place the week of October 1st. All students in 8-North and 8-West will head to the mountain on Monday, October 1 and return on Wednesday, October 3. All students in 8-South and 8-East will go on the trip from Wednesday, October 3 to Friday, October 5.