Kevin Dadoly

Kevin Dadoly is an accomplished artist whose approach to painting and teaching combines his creative energy, extraordinary use of color, and complete understanding of composition. A signature member of  the Copley Society of Boston, Dadoly's art has been showcased all over New England, including exhibits at St. Paul's School, The Gallery at Hargate, Concord, Daniel Webster College, New Hampshire Antique Co-op, the Tower Gallery, in Milford, NH, and the Whistler House Museum in Lowell, MA.

Susi Ehrenstein

Susi has been teaching Italian and German in the Adult Enrichment format since 2007 and as an adjunct professor at the college level since 2011.  Although her native language is German, Susi prefers to teach Italian because of its beauty and its association with arts, opera and fashion world.

Shannon Hogan

Shannon’s enthusiasm for photography began in high school where she took every Photography class offered! While attending Art School she majored in Art Education with a concentration in Photography. After graduating Shannon became a high school art teacher. She currently teaches at Bedford High School.

Bonnie Hoyt

A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from New Hampshire Institute of Art, Bonnie works from her studio in Bedford, NH where she focuses on hand-built smoke fired ceramics. Bonnie is a member of Women’s Caucus for the Arts, NH Potters Council and the National Council for the Education of Ceramic Art as well as an active member of the NHIA Alumni Counsel. Her work has been published and exhibited in many regional shows.

Cathy Kenny

Cathy's love of farm-raised food and canning started at an early age as she grew up on a farm where her family raised sheep for wool and meat, raised chickens for eggs and tended a large vegetable garden. She watched her mother can jellies and jams from the berries and grapes she picked off their land.  
Today Cathy manages a mini-farm with many blueberry bushes and a few fruit trees.  In addition she raises free range meat chickens and have vegetable and makes chutneys and jams to can each Fall.

Carolyn Lynch

After graduating from Michigan State University in 1986 with a BA in English, Carolyn worked for Chevrolet Motor Division and Adia before she left the professional world to raise her family. Carolyn began her third career as English teacher at Bedford high School several years ago. In that time she has taught The American Dream Honors as well as Creative Writing.

Eva McElwain

Eva “Mac” is a fully licensed ASL teacher who graduated from Kent State University with a major in ASL Pedagogy. She has been signing and interacting with the deaf community for more than 10 years. She currently teaches American Sign Language at Bedford High School.

Katie Orrego 
Katie earned her Master's Degree in Spanish from Illinois State University. She has been teaching high school Spanish for 13 years and has visited 7 Spanish-Speaking countries. She currently teaches Spanish I and III at Bedford High School.

Joe Pepin

Joe is proud to share that he has been an avid photographer for 54 years. His career includes having created, developed and implemented a corporate photography club that is renowned for its continued success providing members with skills and knowledge that began with Joe’s passion to share his love of the art. His most recent experience was as a National Park Ranger for the Rainbow Bridge National Monument in Utah.

Suzanne MacIsaac

Suzanne is a native French speaker who grew up in a French-speaking part of Maine on the New Brunswick, Canada border.  She has a French degree from St. Anselm College and after graduating from college taught English for one year in a small town outside of Lyon, France. Suzanne is a former middle school and high school French teacher most recently teaching at Pinkerton Academy. She is currently a stay-at-home mom.